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  1. Hotel Suggestions??

    i second this. but it all depends on your budget. the above cost rounghly 1600-1800baht per night. I had stayed in all 4 hotels including sea me spring tree. if your budget is anywhere between 1200-1500, try April suites or March Suites.
  2. thank you all for the prompt response. yes i'm from Singapore. I would usually fly in to Thailand 5-6 times a year but my stay per trip would not last more than 1 week, or rather 1 week at most. As of this year, i only flew once in March. i would have thought they had abolished the 90 days rule since 2-3 years ago as they had implemented a 6 visa free entry per year. they will inform you if you need any tourist visa on the 6th trip.i might be wrong though. but nonetheless, thank you for the info.
  3. i had been wondering did anyone done it before on the normal 30 days visit pass without any issue with immigration? i'm going to Bangkok next week for a seminar / leisure trip and leaving thailand on the 2nd May. 2 weeks later, i will be going to Pattaya for my birthday bash on the 12th May. Technically, its less than 2 weeks. just worried immigration will stop my entry on the 2nd visit. :/
  4. Sea me tree.

    anyway Sea Me Spring Tree is up on time to make your booking there Vim.
  5. Sea me tree.

    I was there staying at The Stay. Drop by on Monday night asking for a name card so I can book them. They gave me Sea Me Spring name card instead. Typical Thais. guess you need to email to them via sea me spring website. I'm sure it's opened as there a banner with "Special Promotion" hanging in front. Sent from my MI PAD using Tapatalk
  6. any ground members could give further updates on this?
  7. Eastiny had a refurbish rooms and furniture. everytime i say at The Stay, i always look into their room and frankly, its decent enough. But i always see indians booking their room, no one else. Sadly, Soi 10 had developed into hotels and left with the beer bars at the entrance from 2nd road. Gone were those shops and living areas. anyone had any development on the new hotel progress? I'm still waiting for it before i decide to book the new hotel or my usual ones (The Stay or Page 10) for my Sept trip.
  8. I had always stay at soi 10 since its 5 mins walk from Central Festival and nearer to beach road. Never ever venture out from there. this thread might bump me out to try other hotels other than my usual ones.
  9. My mind is all about Pattaya

  10. Construction noise in Soi10?

    which hotel are you staying in soi 10?
  11. was at Patts last week and staying in Soi 10 Page 10. pass by the hotel and boy they sure are fast! The receptionist counter is already half done! I guess by mid/end April the hotel should be up and running.
  12. Very awesome!! Hopefully I can get a name of the hotel so I could have a review of it in May. Sent from my MI PAD using Tapatalk
  13. Anyone have any updates on the 2 hotel construction at Soi 10? Last went there during Christmas and the basic construction between Sea Me Spring and Serenotel is almost done. I might give it a shot at this new hotel if its fully operational by May, seems like a nice hotel going by the floor plan.
  14. Second visit stay options

    Have you tried looking at Aya Boutique Hotel? Its on soi 13 nearer to Walking Street.
  15. stayed there once in July Year 2014. I would stay it holds itself for a 4 star Hotel. Yes, i agreed the room was small but they had a great shower room. The rain shower was awesome. The water strength was just nice coming from it. Bed and pillows were just nice. Upon check-in, the staff was courteous and helpful. In fact, i got a surprise free room upgrade when they heard i was a 1st timer to Pattaya. Breakfast was good and gym was adequately furnished. The sea view was great previously, but now i doubt so since there a construction going on in front of them. So i guess the view might have been blocked. I would give it a miss now since i am able to find a cheaper alternative elsewhere with the same facilities, but for 1 time experience, give it a try just for a few days.