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  1. Hi Biggsy, This is my normal base, I love the beds, extremely comfortable, Large bathroom, easily get two or three in shower :-) Very girl friendly, great location, Staff friendly, lots of all day breakfast options around 100 Baht nearby. I usually stay on upstairs rom with a balcony, more private and cheaper. has a lift and good spa as well Well worth a stay.
  2. My wingman is looking at us staying in this hotel in February, Anyone else had any experiences good or bad here?
  3. Given that it is high season might be best to get all your accomodation sorted early, trying to change hotels when there in mid Dec could lead to dissapointment, many are already fully booked
  4. I stay at The Maytarra resort, It is on second Rd nearly opposite Soi Diana, so only a short walk to LK Metro, Around 1200 a night, girl friendly, great staff, great rooms, large walk in shower, easily accomodates two or even three! most comfortable bed I have slept in in Thailand. Swimming pool, very quiet, Well worth a look
  5. I have stayed in Flipper house a few times but no longer, The location was always good and the rooftop pool and breakfast was ok. The later finish time for breakfast was a bonus. No safe in room and no wifi anywhere in hotel was the final straw, Plus the hotel is getting very tired, Had problems with the plumbing on my last stay. I spend a fair bit of time on SOi 6, 7, and 8 so the location was great but have now relocated to Maytarra, slightly cheaper , no breakfast available at hotel but heaps of options under 100 THBT across the Rd. Great base for Soi Dianna, Made in Thailand, Soi 10 LK metro Soi Honey etc
  6. Many many trips and have never had a problem. Have used both types and do prefer the room safe for convenience. When using the behind the counter safety deposit boxes, I always put my own padlock on the box that goes inside the safe, Hopefully stops any bad staff, I am sure the hotel has duplicate keys incase one gets lost.
  7. Have to agree with you about Eastiny seven, stayed for the first time a few weeks ago and would never go back. Have stayed at two of your choices, Areca is a good hotel two big pools , good food and well located, was a more expensive than the flipper properties, when I stayed there, but if they have raised their prices then its similar. Flipper Inn is a great hotel but very noisy from the surrounding bars, if you are out till 3 then not a problem, if not will definately need ear plugs to sleep. It is very close to Kingsbar if LBs are you taste :-) Really might depend on where your local hangouts are .
  8. Depends on length of stay, up to 2 weeks will be in one hotel , longer mwill usually change but only once , unless there is a major problem with hotel. Last time it cost me a day to pack, check out, baht bus, check in , unpack. Could have been a more productive time!! Also I usually stay at repeat hotels so know what I am in for, I tried the Mercure last time, it was ok but I wouldnt go back, bit of a let down.
  9. So back from Phuket, Bloody quiet but had a great time. Le Piman Resort Rawai beach did not dissapoint, It was great, delivered on everything and more, Rooms were big and actually three seperate rooms with large fridge and kitchen. very quiet, great pool and tropical gardens, very friendly staff, good english and good food and drinks in restruant at very reasonable prices, Breakfast is ordered off menu and cooked to order. Only two small negatives but didnt worry me, 1. It is on the main road out of main tourist area, but has a long driveway and no traffic noise in the resort at all. 2. Not a lot of options within an easy walk , 2 laundries, A 24hr supermarket and four bars and a small market., The resort hires very good modern scooters for 200THBT a day ( 24 hr period ) and that was our choice, which made it very easy to get around. The location could be an issue if you won't or can't ride a scooter as there is the local bus during the day or a 400 thbt tuk tuk ride at night. Overall was very happy with it and would definately stay there again
  10. Hi Doa, How did it go? In you very first post you said you paid an agent 12000 THBt, I hope that was a typo . If not you were definately had, but as you got the visa maybe money changed hands somewhere!! I have done many visas myself, starting with my girlfriends tourist visas, She did three months in Aus , then 3 months in Thailand, then 3 months in Aus for three years, After that came tourist visas for friends girlfriends, and a marriage visa for mine. also done tourists visas for nieces. Never used an agent, only paid application fees direct, but did get a lot of advice from Forums. Yes the official Thai documents had to be translated and certified before submission for marriage visa. Good luck, dont rush in with the marriage one untill she has been here a few times and you are absolutely sure. But , if you get the right one, it is way better than Aussie Wife!
  11. Just had another look at this thread, and realised in my post I said the Novatel hotel. I was wrong, It was actually the Mercure Hotel, but right location. Otherwise the OP is better looking way down the Sth end of Pattaya, as there are some great resorts to choose from
  12. Hi jean blu, I have stayed in the Novatel and I think it will suit your needs, It is off second rd behind the Avenue shopping centre. I think it may be Moo 10 Pratamuk Rd, It runs between 2 nd Rd and Soi Bukhao. I stayed there recently and saw no in your face bar girl activity, great pool and staff as well, Very close to shopping and they have a bus to take you to second Rd. Cheers Wazzi
  13. Hi guys, Friends and I are travelling to Phuket next month and are after some advice on hotels / resorts / bungalows. We are doing a week in Patong and all the usual ( bars, GGs etc ), but have 4 nights after that and want to get away to somewhere different, Have never stayed on the other side, east coast or nth of the Island and was wondering if anyone could recommend, a nice little spot for a few days of R & R, Dont want a mongering scene, just good food and places to eat and something away from the hype of Patong. All suggestions greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.