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  1. Get it, yes. The people I know who stay in condos have got them 'on the spot' i.e.. they walk round, call in at places, have a look and decide. When they've got a good one they book it every year by phoning the owner. There's a lot of places which don't advertise on the internet and they certainly don't come up on the search engine sites. That makes them a lot cheaper. Then there are those who have friends in Pattaya whom they rely on to book a room for them. What you can do if you're new is get a hotel for a night or 2 and do some leg work. Canterbury Tales does not have reception, although some of the entrances are right next to massage shops. Best building for a private entrance is the one above & to the right of Triangle bar - entrance round the back.
  2. Of course it does and I do understand that. That's why I don't like going past receptionists!! And that's how I solve the problem!! By staying somewhere which doesn't have a reception.
  3. I'm with you on this one, OP. Even if they don't care, I'd rather not have a receptionist looking at me and the girl, or girls, or the LB, as I go in with them and up to the room. I also believe that the girl, etc feels more embarrassed than if there was nobody to go past. It's Thailand! Hotels? No, I only know guest houses where there's no reception. What's the difference anyway? Any guest house will do in that case, or better still, why not rent a condo?
  4. That's very expensive for a condo, so it must be a very nice one. It depends on the depth of your pocket and it sounds as if that's on of your considerations; "The problem ive got is hotel prices are so cheap" ​And it depends on where you want to stay. The advantages of a condo is that it's more private, you can do your own cooking, making coffee etc. It's best to see what your'e in for first though and I mean see first hand, not just pictures, and hear too - it might be noisy depending on whether you're bothered - could be a building site in full flow outside your room. I've learnt that there aer loads of decent, cheap places to stay but they're not advertised on the internet. It's a go see situation. How cheap? We're talking 5 to 15 thou baht a month. Where? No further out than 3rd Road (up to Big C), Central Road distance.
  5. Hum .... yes, it depends who you are. A Republican (one who wants a united Ireland) would call the 'north' the six counties in the north of Ireland, since the north west of Ireland is part of Eire (the Republic of Ireland) and a republican doesn't recognise the border as valid. A loyalist (loyal to the UK) would call this part of Ireland which is in the north and which belongs, technically and legally to the UK, Northern Ireland.
  6. None of the leave voters whom I actually know ever go abroad anyway. Bognor Regis is as far as they get. It's not easy to travel to foreign countries, 60minutes, if you don't like foreigners. One of them I know well won't buy any petrol that isn't British!!! What the hell?? Another, refuses to go to Starbucks because it's American. I don't know why that surprises me really. The way some BM's on here talk, you'd think they don't like Thailand either.
  7. Very, very few amongst those who voted Brexit will be bothered about foreign travel being more expensive. Most don't go abroad on holiday. Yes, prices of imported goods will rise, but they will not be capable of understanding that it's because the £ is weak. That's why those arguments during the campaign didn't go anywhere. Anyway, even those who favoured Brexit were saying why should the £ fall? The fear campaign, they called it.
  8. It's not so much the fall in the value of the £ as the suddenness of it. It's caught me out - planned the holiday, how long for, premise was that the rate would be fairly stable (48 - 52 or more) - if I'd known I would have planned to go for less time, that's all; say, 30 days instead of 40. As it stands, I'm looking at a daily budget of around 4,500 instead of 5000 baht. Not a deal breaker just a slight belt tightener - and hoping the girls will drop their prices as well as their knickers is like pissing in the wind. The Cons are moving left - one reason why the £'s dropping not staying the same or rising - Hammond's abandoned Osborne's austerity package - his strategy is very, very similar to the Blair gov's - spend, spend, spend and borrow as if there's no tomorrow. The financial markets don't like that in the current situation because it's negative - economic downturn, gov has to spend its way out. At least during Osborne and Cameron's time a bit of the roof was repaired, so it won't be as bad as it might have been, with leaks all over the place and whacky socialist schemes going on.
  9. Thanks for that Harv. So, the conclusion is - things were cheaper then, even if you factor in the exchange rate?? And even if you were looking at it as if the exchange rate was as it was a year ago. I just about remember reading one economics book, once, in which the author argued that many things in the 60's and 70's were relatively (to average wages) cheaper than when he was writing (c. 2000) in the UK anyway - e.g. most foods, inc. steak and fish, electricity and gas, and cars. I don't honestly remember the rest of his list - these things just stuck in my mind. He also went a bit global in one chapter, arguing that the average wage of a Kenyan just before independence was 50% higher than it was in 2000 (nearly 40 yrs later, I think, or thereabouts; the price of freedom! Same thing will probably happen in the UK a few yrs on from Brexit.
  10. Really? And what were the costs of going on holiday to Thailand then? Isn't the exchange rate relative to what you can buy and how much it costs in the country you are visiting? LT or ST with a BG in '95/96? How much was it to buy a condo in Pattaya or build a house for the TGF and her family in Isaan?
  11. I just don't get it. If the Euro zone is doing badly why isn't the Euro down further against the £. GB isn't doing as badly as Europe economically, is it? Nice one, yes, or spend half as much. Markets, schmarkets - if I were a trader, I'd want a currency to go low, then I'd buy it, then when it was high, I'd sell. Is it as simple as that? Has it got anything at all to do with whether a country's economy is doing well or not. Shares in company's don't bear all that much relation to whether they are doing well, do they? So, why should the strength of a currency? Why are diamonds so expensive and gold as well? I know they're useful in some industrial uses, but mostly isn't it because they're rare and look nice. I don't know anyone who wears a diamond saying it's saved their life, unless they sell it and buy food with the money they get because they were starving.
  12. As above, more or less. They might (Guest Houses) be a little different from each other. The 1 I always stay at is just like a hotel in almost every way apart from there's no reception, and no lift. Neither of these things bother me in the slightest - guest houses are not as tall as most hotels anyway; mine's 3 floors max - no problem. I like there being no reception, even tho' some might say that is more risky, but to me it means greater personal privacy. I've had a few comments or 'looks' at hotels from reception sometimes when I've taken girls or LB's back and it can be tricky if there's going to be more than 1 of them. The 1 I use has room service and more facilities than hotels have - i.e.. more than just a kettle and a fridge - it has some cooking facilities in a lot of the rooms and some rooms have an actual cooker and hob. Also, in the larger rooms, there's a bedroom, lounge, balcony, shower/toilet and kitchen. I haven't stayed in a hotel since 2010.
  13. Have a look at the website - click link on daveo's post - Christmas is high season. Canterbury Tales is, IMHO, the most reasonably priced place in what you'd call the centre of Pattaya given the facilities that he has in the rooms and the location. I've seen others around the Diana, Bukkhao, Honey, Lengkee, Chaiyapoon area, but there's always something which is lacking in them compared to Canterbury; e.g. balcony, space, cooking facilities - there might be some which are cheaper, but not any which are in that zone between price and facilities. Another thing, with Dave and his missus and stepson, any problems and they get it sorted, quickly, without fuss and in a friendly way.