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  1. Thanks for all the help and advice. believe this thread has run its course.
  2. Wow, never knew that. Its in the Hyatt. Thanks.
  3. How do you go about getting a 6 month METV visa if you are in a country that has no THAI embassy? Is it possible? Thanks in advance for the help..
  4. Was getting worried for a little bit there but then realised I have only had 1 entry so far this year so should be ok. had visions of Queuing at the thai embassy in Hanoi for a SEV tourist.
  5. Stayed at Flipper Lodge once, only lasted one night. Room was an absolute tip, old shabby furniture and a mat on the floor that may have been the saddle blanket from Josephs donkey. Reception staff, rigor mortis has set in on their face muscles Had heard good reviews about it from some regulars but obviously they had less expectations than me. Moved out next morning and went up to Eastiny place. Much better room,
  6. For the visa it is usually 6 months multiple entry. When you put down the travel dates for arriving and departing it is very important to stick to those dates or on next application it could prove difficult if they think she overstayed. Overstay includes them being told the applicant will come for 2 weeks but stays 3 weeks etc. etc. and always remember the visa does not actually guarantee entry into the uk if border patrol are being suspicious.