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  1. The common fee for VT buildings varies from building to building but they are generally quite low. Anywhere from 300B/month to double that. However the older VT buildings also have a supplementary fee which varies from year to year and from building to building. In some cases it is as much as 6500B or more on top of the regular common fee. At some point the newer VT buildings will also have to charge a supplementary fee as even 6000+B per year is completely unsustainable in the medium term, or even in the short term if you have light-fingered or stupid management (both exist here in spades). There may also be one-off fees for major work like repainting or new elevators, or pool tiling, to top up the sinking fund. Also some VT buildings include cable TV in the common fee, and some charge extra for it. Also some make a meter-reading charge and include/exclude other costs and paid services from the regular common fee. So it is impossible to say that all or even most VT buildings charge a single specific amount. You could at a pinch say that they charge somewhere between 6000B/12,000B year. However as far as I know in all the VT buildings the fees are indeed levied on a per unit basis rather than on a sqm basis, so anyone with a double unit (ie with a separate bedroom and possibly two bathrooms, and two chanotes) will be paying double. Triple units with three chanotes will obviously pay triple, and so on.
  2. Real estate agent recommendations

    Wouldn't they be a bit thick to tell you if it wasn't run well? In my building few co-owners have the faintest idea what is going on. They are some of the most stupid people I have ever met anywhere. As long as the pool doesnt have turds floating in it they assume that the building is well-run.
  3. Real estate agent recommendations

    Do not buy any property in Thailand until you have lived in or very near it for at least a year. There is massive oversupply of rental property here. The likelihood of finding a tenant may not be high. Finding a decent tenant even less likely. Whatever you buy is unlikely to increase in value. You will probably pay far more than it's worth also. You are unlikely to hear the truth from anyone in any way connected with any sale, and you should assume that they are all trying to steal from you. That way you wont have any bad surprises.
  4. Real estate agent recommendations

    Spam spam spam and more spam. Not only are you a first-time poster promoting what is probably your own website, but the website in question is an off-the-peg Wordpress theme in which the images havent even been changed from the default: Your "Jason Suttherland": The default image from the theme homepage I also like the testimonial from "Lisa Simpson", again with an image and name unchanged from the original theme default: Did her dad Homer buy a condo from you too? Proof if anyone needed it that real estate agents here are a bunch of incompetent losers who have no qualms at all about misleading people and publishing completely fake information.
  5. Just wondering how desperate would a vendor have to be to consider this?
  6. How large is large? How many rooms? How close to the sea is a sea view?
  7. The first view is nice enough (though I wonder what might be just out of shot, and I also wonder what will happen if the Sugar Hut sells up for development). The second view is my idea of hell on earth.
  8. This should give you an idea:
  9. You can be certain that the developer is not working for your benefit. In Thailand people smile a lot but only look after themselves. As some owners have chanotes the building must have been registered as a condominium. So my advice given months ago about holding a meeting stands. But you will wait forever for one to be organised for you: organise it yourselves and then complain in person with the assistance of a lawyer to the Land Office. Make sure that the Office of Consumer Protection knows about the complaint, and also the local media (though they are possibly in bed with the developer and so may not report it).
  10. Who made/fitted those? What are they made of?
  11. Art on the Hill condo debacle in Pattaya

    What is being sold is the contract to buy a condo, not the condo itself. The names on the developer contract are changed (usually for a fairly high legal fee and developer fee) and the buyer in theory takes over the rights and obligations that the contract provides. The risks also. But at no point does he own the condo until the chanote is issued with his name on it, and that usually involves paying the sinking fund charge and meter installation charges which may not have been made clear to the buyer. As mentioned, a minefield that I would not touch with someone else's bargepole.
  12. Diamond Tower condo

    That is indeed always a possibility, but in my experience co-owners and long-term tenants are generally quite decent though of course there can be exceptions. The renting/owning choice invariably has its upsides and downsides and a lot depends on your individual financial situation and particularly for how long you expect to be renting/owning.
  13. Diamond Tower condo

    Of course I wasn't suggesting that you in particular are noisy or disruptive. But short-term tenants are often crammed into rooms (Thais and other Asians in particular), tend to come and go at all hours, tend to bang furniture and luggage and doors, often are in "party mood" and generally dont treat the common areas (elevators, corridors, pools) as carefully as a co-owner or more permanent resident would. For example, I've never had to get security out to stop fighting between a co-owner and his hooker at 3am in my building, but I certainly have had to get them out to stop the same between an Arab short-term tenant and his hooker. We have also had cases of tenants drinking from glass bottles in the pool at night. I could cite many other examples of different bad behaviour that all amounts to them being very undesirable neighbours.
  14. Diamond Tower condo

    He should be in a hotel or serviced apartment. That's what they are for. Those who want to invest in short-term accommodation should do so by investing in hotels or serviced apartments. They should not buy condos. If short-term rentals were banned the condo market would probably not collapse: on the contrary there would be increased demand from both long-term tenants and from those who want to be owner-occupiers. Many normal people are currently put off by the large numbers of short-term tenants everywhere here: they are not nice to live near and they cause a huge amount of expensive wear and tear that all co-owners have to pay for. Bad news all round.
  15. Diamond Tower condo

    It's quite hard to find a building in Pattaya that isnt on AirBnB, allowed or not. The Chinese are easier to avoid. Personally I think all condo rentals of less than 6 months should be banned outright. That's what hotels and serviced apartments are for. Hopefully one day it will happen.