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  1. You don't have to convert your current visa to the ED visa. The school will prepare all of the paperwork for you and then you have to leave the country and get to a Thai consulate to apply for the ED visa. The easiest and closest is in Laos. Its very hard to get a 12 month ED visa in Bangkok now, most schools will only offer 6 months but I was able to renew it for another six months. Before I lived in Bangkok, I stayed in Pattaya on a 12 month ED visa, its a lot easier to get 12 month visa from a school in Pattaya. You'll also have to go to immigration every 3 months and pay 1900 baht for a new 90 day stamp. The rules for theses visas have gotten a lot stricter recently, but mostly for people using them back to back to back. I think a person without any prior ED visas in their passport would not have a problem getting the visa.