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  1. Will definitely do that. I was familair with their ACE card giving you discount straight with the 1st booking. Good to know they respond not very quickly.
  2. Thanks for the fast response. Areca it will be then. Hopefully there is a room available in my time frame (can be october or november).
  3. Been searching and reading this and other topics about Areca Lodge but must have overlooked. How are the beds in Areca? Soft, hard, too hard or whatever? Will be booking a hotel in the LK Metro area. Probably Areca or one of the LK Hotels depending on the bed. I do not mind a somewhat harder bed but prefer softer. Too hard kills my back.
  4. Be prepared too "suffer" from some noise untill late at night though.
  5. Thanks guys. So no major building or renovating. Allthough not a real dealbreaker but I try to avoid building next to my room. Had some bad experiences in the past which cost me some sleep.
  6. Just wondering. Is there currently being built or renovated at Areca of the immediate vicinity? I don't know if there is even space left to build something there.
  7. IMHO far too expense for what you get. For this price you can get a pretty nice modern room. Room itself does not seem very small on the pictures allthough that could be slightly misleading. ​The bathroom looks very small.
  8. Was Bert also a victim of a huge increase of leasing cost?
  9. Seems to be a nice hotel. Fairly new so should not be wornout like many other hotels. A dealbreaker for me would be the small rooms. 13 sqm for a standard room. In my view this is a large bathroom but certainly no hotel room. Hardly any room to put clothes and Luggage. Also the bigger rooms not that big. If the rooms were larger this hotel would certainly be on my shortlist.