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  1. Set a buy order for $450 worth of ETC this morning for under $9usd, didn't expect it to be filled but logged in 2 hours later to see it had been filled and up 25%. Not sure if I'll hold this or just take a short term gain when it gets back in the $15-20 range.
  2. Another weekend another cryptocalypse. Perfect buying opportunity, more LTC it is!
  3. Did you Hodl through the dip following the pump? Good move from $45ish into the $90s. I grabbed some more LTC @62.35 on the dip and also picked up a couple of Ethereum in low $300s to add to the coinlection ;)
  4. VT6 is great, just make sure if you're booking online you check out all the pics and make sure it's not mid level facing the Hilton/central festival aircon/carpark. Last stay I noticed the room had a bathtub with shower inside it, it didn't worry me until I saw it, it was awkwardly shaped, Ie thin in the middle and a very high step from the floor to enter/exit. All good an well until you return to the room with a guy full of piss stumbling around trying to get in and out, a straight up shower would have been much better. The room though did have a washing machine which did save me several thousand baht in laundry fees as well as being quite convenient when lady "finish peliod already" but I still managed to dig a heap of blood out of her, sheet wash.. No issues.
  5. Why are you buying and selling to break even? If you're not turning a profit from trading hodl, hodl strong!!
  6. Condos similar to VT6

    15000b/month in similar location may be tight, but last time I looked some rooms, The Base could be had around that rate in Low season not Inc elec/water, stones throw from VT6 but only accessible from 2nd Rd, so no convenience of BR/2nd entrances.
  7. Xrp has too many coins, they hold something like 60 billion of their own coins while there are another 30 billion currently in circulation. Litecoin to an ATH of $55usd today! Not bad considering they were $4 3 months ago, I'd be loaded if I didn't go to Pattaya :(
  8. I just left on day 31 on visa exemption, check in at Sydney didn't really look at my return ticket too closely, they just glanced to confirm I had a ticket, no issue on arrival at Bangkok. Exiting I did however score a sweet little black stamp with a 24 on it... I'm assuming this is an overstay of 24 hours stamp.
  9. View Talay 6 November 2016

    Between all the agents I'm sure you'll find something suitable, I'm easily pleased but my main aim is reasonably high floor and walking St side, from there you get a decent view of the water and the noise below has never been at an irritating level, but I snore so nothing except myself usually wakes me
  10. Glad I took my own advice on this one
  11. I found it more shameful going past the family mart girls tbh 555. I can't recall ever even having reception stop me when I took the normal entrance, it's a fairly wide lobby so easy to give a wide berth, unless it's changed now there is a coffee shop out front.
  12. Any investment of money can be risky, he received bad advice from a bad advisor presumably . If you receive bad service from a girl on Pattaya are all girls in Pattaya bad at their jobs?
  13. See a professional, I wouldn't take forum advice as gospel, a financial advisor can look at all the details and show you options. Otherwise pump cash into Litecoin and get ready for liftoff, we're moon bound!... Maybe. Hopefully
  14. My ex tgf used to send money to her sister this way. But I have no idea where exactly it is or the name of the place. I reckon if you went to Thai town and asked someone in a restaurant...or massage parlour they'd probably know though. A quick Google came up with this place..
  15. You can do the walk of shame through the family mart at lk empress rather than reception. Or if thats still too much, you enter through the front past reception and tell the girl to walk through family mart and meet at the lift... almost the perfect crime, except reception will probably be looking at it happen on cctv and laugh at your attempts to hide the LB fetish?