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  1. When I booked my flight I debated with myself the merits of a hotel,condo,guesthouse,as it's a seven week trip came down on the side of a Guesthouse mainly for the social contact and budget constraints,condos were ditched as I imagined myself shopping for food and cooking just for myself like home really,hotels because they can be impersonal and people think you are weird if you try to talk to them. guesthouses tend to be a bit rundown and basic to say the least but at least the ones that have a few tables and chairs outside will have people there to chat with and hang out there. I have booked one on soi2 Jomtien for a month 15000 all in with breakfast seems to have good Wi-Fi run by a Norwegian and his Thai wife,small clean fridge and flatscreen TV,balcony(a must),basic but with a few scented candles and joss sticks and some of them lovely cashmere and silk shawl I saw on the night market at 100baht( Trotter tradings)finest I shall soon have it smelling like a LBs boudoir.
  2. Arrived in Jomtien yesterday staying in Z by Zing down in soi 12.Its 540baht a night it's a bit far out so had a wander around the 2-7 soi's looking for a place for a month the 20-30k places seem booked out a couple in the 10-15k wanted 10 baht a unit electric uh uh.saw one room 8000 all in but it was dire only one small window dark and dingy,a lick of a light paint etc some decent led lighting dump my granny's bedspread it might just work,but then the useless owners would have to put down the beer and get off there arse. Gonna look at a place tomorrow 15000 month all in plus breakfast,not optimistic.will wander about tonight up near domtang.
  3. I stayed a couple of times when it first opened already after 2 years you could see it was done on the cheap,lots of chipboard getting chipped and just poor quality fixtures and fittings,surprised to see its still not had to close for a complete refurbishment.
  4. It's value for money,that would be a fast walk to get from soi2 to WS in 20mins.
  5. was 30 euro about 1100baht.
  6. going to the Amsterdam consulate to get a 60day single entry visa tomorrow and according to the web site its free from dec 1,thats only for single entry visas,it also said that they do not do multiple entry visas anymore but thats not there today.you may have to visit the embassies for them.
  7. Just seen on the Amsterdam Thai consulate Web site that from Dec 1 no fees on single entry tourist visas.
  8. When you leave Thailand your passport is stamped and that's the 30 day visa/permission to stay done,unless you get a multiple entry visa before you leave home you will get a 30 day stamp each time you enter Thailand in theory, You will have no problem re-entering Thailand at least once and as long as you can show airtickets probably a few times,land border problems may differ.i have seen on the Amsterdam consulate Web site that the multiple entry visas are not allowed at this time,the Cambodian tourist visa is also stamped "used" it's a single entry one.
  9. thanx for the link just what i am looking for,tried to book "agoda can not process my credit card at this time" will try tomorrow.
  10. Get an E-visa for Cambodia,airasia are cheap but I think they fly out from DM,check out the bangkokair timetable they fly out from suvharnubam and you can easily get the bus from pattaya to Swampy.enjoy PP.
  11. I've seen and used some tatty old one dollar bills in Cambodia you get the problems with the higher denominations,your $100s need to be in good nick.
  12. No it's OK not gonna be a keyboard warrior about it,peace and love.
  13. That's scary less than 5 baht between the pound and the Euro.
  14. Where you been living? Southern Ireland indeed.