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  1. Hi there, hoping some kind BM’s can help put my mind at rest. I want to apply at Jomtien for a 30 day extension on my visa waiver stamp which runs out on the 28th December. Ideally I’d like to do this before xmas so that I can get it out of the way, but am unsure when the extension start date will begin. Would the extension date begin from the date of my application at Jomtien or when my visa waiver stamp finishes ? if it’s the latter, then I can apply before xmas and not have the worry of visiting Jomtien between xmas & new year. Appreciate any help from you guys…Thanks.
  2. Just wanted to relay a story to you guys, Flew into Bangkok from Manila yesterday, armed with my 60 day SETV which i'd got from the Thai embassy in Manila, breezed thru' immigration (only 4 people ahead of me ) and was back in my apartment in Patts' a few hours later. All was well with the world, right up until I'd checked my permitted to remain stamp in my passport, it was only then that i discovered the immi' officer at BKK airport hadn't checked the pages in my passport, and hadn't seen my SETV and as a result had only given me 30 days. Initially i was annoyed with myself for not immediately checking the stamp before heading to the baggage carousel, then frustration, as i thought "how much is this screw up gonna cost me to get sorted out" This morning i called the visa agent lady who works on the six, just to gauge her response, explained to her my situation. She gave me two options, go to Jomtien in person and see if they can remedy it, alternatively, for a fee she could take care of it. Now i've used this lady before for visa ext's and been happy with her service, so i was kinda' expecting just a small admin fee, not so, she was asking for 1500bt, the visa price in Manila was less than that... At 1:15pm i entered Jomtien immigration, collected my queue ticket (only 6 people ahead of me ) and within 20 minutes i walked out with the correct date stamp, no fuss no drama and most importantly, no 'admin' fee.. so lesson learned, from now on i'll be checking that date stamp before heading to the baggage carousel...
  3. Hallo BM's, does anyone have any info on this apartment on soi chaiyapoon, looking to stay for one month, the lady gave me a good price considering its high season.but she was unable to show me the room cos its full at the moment.before I commit to paying I'd be grateful for any feedback. Thanks... Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for posting your info scuba, will be arriving in Patts soon and am planning to open a thai acc. I'll be on a 30 day visa waiver. Apart from my passport and uk driving licence as a secondary ID, Oh, and of course a wodge of cash, will i need to produce any other form of documentation ? is there a minimum amount i must deposit to open the account ? I'm after a basic account, just something where i can put my travel funds in and withdraw it as i need it, rather than having to carry large amounts of cash. Would appreciate any guidance you can offer Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm a new member on this site, but an advanced one on the Phil's one. I was hoping for some help & guidance from the BM"s here. On my previous Pattaya trips I've stayed on soi 7 & 8, however on my upcoming trip I'd like to stay approx 4 to 6wks so been looking at staying in guesthouses on buakhao/ lengkee. I'd like a room with balcony and have an approx budget of 15,000bt/month. I'll be arriving early Dec, unfortunately the height of the high season. Any help & tips greatly appreciated Thanks.. Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  6. Hi there, I'm new to the Pattaya addicts site, but am a member on the Phil's site. A little bit about myself, well i've been visiting Thailand since my cherry visit as a Backpacker in the late 80's and have been a fairly regular visitor since. I love everything the country has to offer. In the recent past i used to use a hotel booking site, it was a fantastic last minute hotel booking site that offered great discounts on hotels all over Thailand. The beauty of the site was that you could set your filters to search a particular locale. then a specific area within that locale, and then budget and you'd be spoilt for choice. Now it's being run by a completely useless and unfathomable site. you can't even get the hotel prices displayed in Baht. I know of the common and popular sites like agoda and but i was hoping someone on this Board who's previously used Latestays could suggest an alternative site. Many Thanks... Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk