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  1. I saw the hotel pics, for katesiree hosue & residence, i check these on a few sites, I really just wanted to know from any BM's who had stayed there, was it okay, guest friendly, noisy, their impressions etc.
  2. Has anyone stayed here recently is this place okay?
  3. I stayed there for one night. As mentioned the rooms are small.Very compact fit. Fine for a layover but not recommended for a long stay. It's also guest friendly.
  4. Stayed at the H Boutique on Soi honey in July. Clean. Neat. Cable TV, good aircon, no pool. Cheap. Directly across the street from a food mart. It's one street over from Soi Diana and loads of massage places here.
  5. Huh? Why too late.I said I stayed at LK Metropole last week. This is planning for another trip later on the year.
  6. oh ok, thanks I might skip it then stayed at LK Metropole last week, it was good
  7. Was at an eating hall on 3rd road near Soi Lengkee and noticed this new hotel. (I think it's the latest addition by the LK group) https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Hotel_Review-g293919-d9762636-Reviews-LK_President-Pattaya_Chonburi_Province.html Anyone stayed here? Is it guest friendly? joiner fee?
  8. Hey I just finished staying there two weeks back I cut and pasted my review from Trip Advisor. It's in the heart of Central Pattaya. It's where you want to be for a first visit. And surprisingly it's not at all noisy. The rooms are large, and to be honest hella large.Place was bigger than some apartments I've rented. This is great if travelling as a couple. There is a kitchenette and dinning table as well as single seater sofas as well as a bench seat at he foot of the bed. Large King size bed. Many pillows. Rinse basin in a neat alcove offset from the kitchenette. Nice large modern fridge. Sound system for your favourite music. A wide selection of cable TV channels on a flat panel LCD screen, 42 inch probably. The study was near the main entrance to the room, this is a nice nook to separate yourself from the rest of the space. Cupboards for clothing and suitcase are in this nook too. Everything gets put away neatly. Nice balcony where you can smoke (if so inclined). The bathroom is okay. The shower is not screened. It's a tub. But with jets so if you fill it you can spa, the jet fans are a little noisy. Because theres no shower screen the water lapped onto the floor each time I placed the shower wand into the bracket. Because there was no way I wanted to take a bath every time I wanted to get clean. Toilet no bidet. But has a bum gun if required. Wooden polished floating floors. I never used the in room dining. The breakfast bar had closed down two weeks prior to my stay. Free water, good WiFi. Plenty of good snacks if required. It's not dated that much. In fact I really enjoyed the space. Location is the real win here. Food Mart across the street. Guest friendly. Plenty of dining options on the street. Diana Inn Beer Hall across the street, 14 beer bars. So much fun. It's better than the LK Metropole. I'd go back there.
  9. Full Metal Babe - that's awesome
  10. I did another walk through on Google maps last nite, I saw an exchange near this Golden something Real Estate, is this the one you mean.
  11. Hi just a question less about the hotel but the surroundings. I'm going to be staying at the LK Ren andGoogle Maps street view shows a T.T. Currency Exchange across the road from the Sawasdee Siam Not sure how old this view is. So just wondering if the exchange is still there because it's a short walk from my hotel. I heard that this money exchange chain in Pattaya has the best rate.