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  1. Nice girls, room etc, but the video was posted six years ago, so the B800/night is hardly, errrr, up to date. In which year was VT6 B800/night?
  2. Yes, it's a fair point that maybe with phones giving good internet access, to which you can tether your laptop in room, then maybe the hotel/condo unreliably providing wifi/internet access is becoming obsolete. I think we're still at the stage at which many guys really want wifi in their room, and so I'm talking about how to get that. i agree though that maybe that demand for hotel/condo wifi might reduce in future years.
  3. I think you'll find I wrote most of this myself further up this thread in post #39. The truth is AIUI that the majority of Base units seem not to have private wifi, but there are plenty that do have it, and if it's something you want then be sure to choose a unit that does have private in-room wifi. If the description of the unit is vague about wifi in the unit itself, then assume there is none in the unit itself and the owner is trying to fudge it and suggest that the free wifi in the ground floor and top floor is good enough for the unit. Make sure the description is very clear that there is wifi in the unit itself, at The Base. There are plenty of condos there that have in-room wifi.
  4. Really? Are you talking some sort of building-wide wifi at The Base, or you think all Base condos have private wifi now? I suspect both of these are unlikely. Or are you talking just the condos of that one rental agent?
  5. Usually not room safes at The Base, but I suppose a few condos do have them. The condo I was in before didn't, but I just hid my valuables around the condo, and had ladies overnight without any worries. Since there was no cleaning going on each morning, I had the place to myself and my guests, I was more comfortable just hiding valuables around the condo. Security, in terms of outsiders breaking in, seems very good at The Base - your guests are the main risk. If a Base condo says nothing about wifi within the room description, that means there is no private wifi in that room. Beware unclear statements about wifi, which will probably mean the only online access is in the common areas on the ground and top floors - if in doubt, assume that. There are plenty of Base condos though, like , that do clearly say they have private wifi. That's what you should be looking for, and ignore any condos that aren't crystal clear in the description on their internet connectivity. A wireless internet router visible in the pictures next to the living room TV is a good thing to look for as well. This isn't a big problem, just ignore any condos that aren't crystal clear on the private wifi in the condo itself. This sort of picture of the internet router is very persuasive, that white baby is an AIS wifi router, and this is what you're looking for: I never tried to look at cable TV in The Base, not interested, and I can't contribute anything on that subject. I only used the living room TV as a second screen for my laptop, sometimes streaming video from the internet via my laptop to the TV.
  6. Yeah, fair enough, I'm not really trying to push The Base. While I get that some people (often our North American friends, who are used to things being more spacious) have an issue with the size of the condos in The Base, I lived there happily for almost a couple of months without much of a worry on size of condo. I would have had different furniture, though, and yes the distance from the condo block to Second Rd was annoying (and the lack of a back entrance). Nothing is perfect. The Base condo I linked above, , is IMO a pretty good choice in The Base. It was one of my short list when booking a month ago for my next trip. It's on the 28th floor, is the bigger 35 sq m size, it has the big southwards view, it has private wifi, the washing machine, and it's B1100 a night (to which apply monthly discount). Good condos in VT6 seem to start at B2200 (also monthly discount). I didn't go for The Base one because the decoration wasn't in my taste, and I found another I liked in the Avenue which I liked at a cheaper price. But that Base condo is a good example of The Base being half the price of VT6.
  7. Some Base units have washing machines.... pic 15/20
  8. I agree that booking a condo immediately and you're available now standing in the rental agent's shop makes it much easier to get a good price, than booking months ahead. It's almost a different market. If a condo is currently empty and you're available right now then you're in a strong position to negotiate. The trouble is, that's not the position I am in, I want an advance booking. I understand that Avenue condos of the larger one-bed format are available for B15-18k per month for a six month rental starting immediately, ie about B500-600 per night, but I can't use that rate. I acknowledge what you write about the trick choosing a Avenue condo re the (ladyboy?) karaoke bar, and I'm fine in that respect. I was aware of that karaoke bar just north of the entrance. The outside condos in block C are bad for karaoke noise, the outside condos in block A face another condo block wall, and the pool-facing condos may have another condo directly ahead. Here's the plan of the whole development, the karaoke bar is bottom left.
  9. 1. Many booking agents 2. In The Base there was a rubbish room on each floor near the lifts. You just dump your plastic bag of rubbish in there as you leave heading for soi 6.
  10. Thanks for reply. I was talking peak Dec/Jan season, which is often more expensive. I think the VT6 condo I linked in #44 is B2200 for quite a bit of the year, but goes up to B2600 over Dec/Jan.
  11. My Base condo came with two sets of clean bed sheets and three or four clean towels, and it was up to me to change them and get them washed (I left them dirty!) There was no maid service, but no doubt that could have been arranged if I wanted, for example via the owner with whatever cleaner did the between-rentals cleaning. I don't know about the Avenue condo, have to see when the time comes.
  12. If it's OK I'd rather keep anonymous and not give personal details, sorry. Just hunt around, you'll find plenty of Avenue and Urban rooms for rent. There are plenty of one-beds at The Avenue with the layout I've posted. I've booked for more than one month right in the busiest part of peak season, and I've already advance paid at the rate of B730/night. There is a smaller studio format (35 sq m) at The Avenue with this layout and I'm sure that's cheaper. The Base condo I stayed in last time was about the same B700ish price per night. To get back to the VT6 subject of this thread, the price is the disadvantage of VT6 - I looked through Dancewatchers and Honey's inventories and they all seemed a lot more expensive than the Base/Avenue/Urban options on my short list at B700-900 per night, and I couldn't really see what VT6 really offered on top to justify their higher prices. The VT6 condo I was most interested in was , but that appears to be B2600/night in peak season, though monthly discounts would apply for me. I just couldn't see the value when compared to my other options below B1000/night I'd be grateful for an answer to my price question in #40. Are there less than B2000 or so a night in peak season good condos in VT6 that I missed?
  13. A quick outline of the unit layout in The Base and The Avenue on soi 15 which I'll be staying in. The Base unit I stayed in was 34 sq m and had this layout, which I thought worked OK. Not huge, but IMO not a problem for size for a couple of months. Ladies staying overnight worked fine, they like The Base because they think it's quiet. The one-bed apmts in The Avenue, which I'll be staying in next time, are 46.6 sq m and have this layout:
  14. Can I ask a question about VT6, which I don't know all that well? Over December/January, is it correct that good units eg medium/high elevation on the south side hopefully closer to the sea than Second Rd, with good wifi however that's obtained, are all at least B2000/night? That's how it seemed to me which is why I passed on VT6 for the reason of value that they seemed (to me) a bit expensive. Are there good VT6 units available in Dec/Jan for less than B2000/night?