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  1. No ID and no reception and after 8pm you use a electronic key to enter the guesthouse then a key to your your room so don't lose them. Lots to eat in the area Soi Lengkee and Soi Diana are 2 minutes walk away. I have found it a great place to stay.
  2. I stayed at the Boomerang a few weeks ago and I used the Vogue Hotel pool just off soi Lengkee 100baht and you can use the pool and gym for the day.
  3. Opinion needed

    My advice would be keep it simple first trip get somewhere central to the main entertainment areas. You could also book your accommodation for just the first 5 days while you look around and find somewhere else more suitable or extend where you are, low season shouldn't be a problem with accommodation.
  4. Opey de Place

    Like others said it is dated but is a great location, The reception wouldnt give me any extra towels after 11pm she said she had no access which I thought was a bit pissweak and she carried on doing her nails and squeezing her pimples, so I got some the next day from the friendly cleaners, I only stayed 3 nights while waiting for a vacancy at my usual place.
  5. D Hotel Pattaya

    I'm thinking of booking for a few days in August has anyone been charged extra for bringing back 2 girls at once and I am just wondering what the fees are? I usually stay at guesthouses.
  6. usually pretty quiet very little traffic there is a thread in this hotel section somewhere it has no lift just stairs that may be an issue with some people
  7. Boomerang guesthouse has a 42inch in the A1 room thats the biggest I've seen in Pattaya mind you I don't stay often in the type of places that would have a big TV
  8. Guesthouses don't have receptions and so the girls don't have to hand in their ID before you take them upstairs my advice to a newbie would be somewhere that takes the girls ID card which is most hotels with a reception it may keep the girls in check just a little. You also can leave the key at the reception while you are out so no chance of losing it.
  9. boomerang guesthouse

    I stayed at the Boomerang for 10 days in Feb and stayed in the A3 std room for 3 nights and the A1 deluxe for 7 nights and it is great value the rooms are promptly cleaned and serviced soon after I went out for breakfast and the soi is quite so not much if any noisy motorbike traffic, the beds are comfy and the aircons worked well. The bathrooms were clean and efficient I could fit 3 people in the deluxe shower no problem. Its in a great spot close to everything yet still tucked away. The owner Micheal and his family were always on hand if anything was needed. I will be staying again mid year
  10. I know 2 of the girls at reception who worked there up until new years it main customers are from India as it is Indian owned I believe and can be noisy in the mornings
  11. Kudos to China Garden
  12. 18 Coins Hotel/Guesthouse

    Thanks....I am only paying 522BHT a night for a standard room so Ill put up with it for 5 days, I'll hunt around for somewhere else to stay for the other 3 weeks if its crap, I like to move around anyway and I've never really found a good coffee in Thailand yet so Ill try Sutus Court for coffee
  13. 18 Coins Hotel/Guesthouse

    Yes got a std 28m2 room, as tempting as it sounds I resisted filling an 8 bed dorm with TG's
  14. I've just booked 5 nights in Feb at 18 Coins hotel on Soi Buakho has anyone had any recent stays or experience there? Cheers