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  1. no breakfast now on site ...you can go to siter hotel lk metropole up the street but thats pretty crap
  2. Thanks for the great review ...the lack of a walk in shower kills the deal for me
  3. If the refurbs put in stand alone showers in the standard rooms I may give it a go if rooms interconnect.The location is brilliant .The garden terrace rooms are excellent..1bd though and too pricey for what they are despite them delivering a birthday cake to me as a suprise (lovely touch ) .I can get a 2 bed apartment in LK metropole 2-3x the size for the same price with you on this one
  4. on the contrary...judge much ;)
  5. one of the n'eer do wells
  6. you wont be missed
  7. Honeypot..the owner is a BM here ...good value
  8. outstanding post Sir
  9. quote me a Scientific study that this is definitively impacting climate above all other variables...p values and all that 95% stuff .....baited breath .And fuck Coook with his 97% ...total bollocks --not scientific ...pure opinion
  10. Ahh..yes the fabled "precautionary principal"is worth spening in excess of 1.5 trillion dollars on ....and rising faster than any sea level change .We are coming out of a little ice age ,temps were warmer in the Medieval warm period ,the Roman warm period and The Minoan warm too....mankind seemed to flourish and make great advances in those times.Its cold ,not warm which is the killer of civilisations Its a monumental tax grabbing scam by governments ,particularly Western ones, who have promised too much free stuff to the great unwashed
  11. very allegedly...they carn't.
  12. It may tease Up2U 2 out lol
  13. The analogy is only relevant with sea ice,not land ice
  14. Find us a Scientific study that "proves " climate change .You are the ones that have to disprove the null hypothesis as scientific edicts dictate. Strangely "climate science " doesnt seem have to submit itself to rigorous scientific inquiry,and therein lies its downfall.
  15. Stayed there twice and going back there again next time,location,separate shower,good wifi,decent bed all matter more to me than the pool.Brekkie is not bad with a separate egg station