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  1. SB - That's common sense but im not sure common sense is a trait immi agents exercise regularly ;) Kan - I agree
  2. Hello While waiting for the PMV. Did you apply ( and get? ) a tourist visa? and if so, how many months did they grant you ?
  3. Hello, I have been with my TGF since nov 2015 and she has flown twice to Australia and i have flown 3 times to thailand in that space of time. We are in the process of applying for a more permanent stay and as she has worked as a manager in a bar in pattaya for 6 years. She is convinced if this finds its why onto an application that the thai embassy will block her application. My retort to her is, its going to be difficult to hide and if we do not add it, where did you get your $ from, over the previous 6 years. Is there any truth to the above? To anyone in a similar situation where their TGF worked in a bar what did you put on the application? We are planning on using a immigration agent located in Australia as they are a client of mine and she said she will do it for free but part of me thinks, it may be better getting it done by someone in thailand? Regardless of the $ difference?
  4. Not a bar girl and has great english. So much to learn and read. Thank you for taking the time to share all the info you guys have.
  5. This is great information. Is there a list of courses ( and associated prices ) available somewhere ? I would never have imagined it would be that expensive on a weekly basis.
  6. The reviews ( as below ) were heavily weighted on the positive side. Which is why I stayed there. I do agree with you, I should of taken a closer look at the photos. The kid in me still wants to be surprised when I enter a new room ;) So I try not to spoil the experience by looking too closely at the photos.
  7. It actually scores quite highly on tripadvisor. Which is partly what prompted me to create this post.
  8. Has its own beach ? I assume you mean the quite large swimming pool ? Swimming pool did look good / extensive. As someone mentioned before, better for families rather than mongers.
  9. Thank you. I would not be surprised if that was the case ( money needing to be in bank for period of time )
  10. I suppose if they come over via student visa and live with you during that time, that would also satisfy the defacto relationship portion?
  11. Man that is rough..... Seems to be no end of burqa wearing immigrants coming through the gates tho ;( Not sure how they get in so easily but we have to drop through very long hoops. thanks daryle, I will investigate that path a little more. Much prefer that to marriage. at least for the short term.
  12. At page 10 you can bypass the reception if you go up the stairs on the left. That is what i did.
  13. Just my 2 cents from a recent trip to Thailand. The Hard rock hotel rooms were terrible Bad :- 1) They were TINY compared to other hotels at similar price 2) The room that i had, had a conjoining door to a room next to it. Which was locked but allowed sound to travel very easily. Partying russians ensured i didnt get to sleep until 6am. And conversely, when i boom boom'd wondered what they were thinking. ( hopefully impressed ;) 3) did i say the rooms were tiny ? 4) Front desk staff with abrupt and rude. Perhaps because i had a thai girl with me ? 5) My balcony faced a large unit complex 6) Drinks were a rip off at the bar 7) Quite far away from walking street ( if that is your thing ) Good :- 1) Buffet was good As a semi monger who did not care to use the facilities. Was not a good choice for me.