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  1. Half Dutch three year old

    Certainly no white knight here ShaneFalco. I ain't no beer bellied loser lacking in social skills wandering around Patts looking for paid company and imagining myself popular. This particular girls is someone close to my heart for over a decade, as is her daughter. I am not looking to interfere if they were happy and in no way have bad intentions, not trying to take her away for myself or anything of the sort. Most people I see posting here would have no comprehension of this type of relationship. You see guys on here regularly referring to girls as friends when the actuality is that it is some isaan ho that they are sponsoring or eaten through with jealousy about. I am not jealous and would be happy if she was happy. This girl is not a working girl, never has been, know her family well. I don't go out of my way for many people, in fact I am pretty amoral, if I saw someone in distress my first reaction would usually be to walk by, not my business.
  2. Half Dutch three year old

    Cheers guys. And to Westie, I am definitely not a sponsor. And yes it is my business.
  3. Edited as it might expose the young lady in question. Thanks for the replies.
  4. My suggestion is boring but never failed me. Start a buy to let portfolio. But be aware that the capital gains are not as much as they used to be, so make sure that you do your homework. I would say the best advice buy to let wise is location location location. I am a couple of years older than yourself, but planning to retire within the next ten years. On a final note, something that Scumbag said, and I think is especially true. Don't rely on the government. We are young enough whereby there is plenty of time for Frau Merkels new Germans to break the EU economy with the benefit pay outs, increase security etc. And the fact that even without them there is large unemployment in other European Countries. For instance my brother has his own business in Spain, he tells me that about fifty percent of the local youth in his area are unemployed, and he has a stream of applicants looking for work everyday. So make your own way, and the most secure way of doing that is property.
  5. If I remember rightly and I could be mistaken, but the forum owner Lamook, owns a restaurant called Bite Me Bistro, and was/is looking for a Chef. Might do you good to use the forum search function and see what you can find or contact him via PM.
  6. Very true what you say just hanging. I am degreed up to the hilt, but never used anything I learned at university. I got involved in property whilst at university, rather than paying rent I bought a student house (could self certify the mortgage in those days) and never looked back. Buy, do up, sale or rent out, rinse and repeat. Then your future is in your own hands and not relying on a pension fund, or government.
  7. Sterling, stocks pummelled on Brexit alarm

    Bought three thousand pound sterling worth of baht today for my October mongering holiday. At 47.3 baht to the pound. I think it will go lower so got in now. Actually the cashier told me that the most you can take is 50,000 baht through customs. Never heard that before and took about four times that amount last time. I think she was just chatting shit.
  8. I used the solicitor regulation authority, SRA when a solicitor overcharged me for a conveyance that they then failed to complete, which in turn put me out of pocket. They really are impartial and get the job done.
  9. I used the solicitor regulation authority, SRA when a solicitor overcharged me for a conveyance that they then failed to complete, which in turn put me out of pocket. They really are impartial and get the job done. Meant to add that they also got my bill reduced. But could not give advice on taking an action in tort against the solicitor for the other loses.