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  1. i can also recomend Nature View near LK Metro, i stayed there last June. The room is big so you do not feel crowded in there. The bathroom is large with plenty of room for fun stuff. Its girl friendly, atleast 1 girl at a time (did not try to bring back 2) When you book with them, just make sure to book a Pool view room. As otherwise you might have some sound irretations from the street. edit: forgot to add price, in June i payed 900 baht per night.
  2. The Haven in soi lenkee

    thanks for the review, it is always nice to see more pictures and hear from people that have stayed at hotels. But i have to say that with how small the room size looks, for even the bigger room, i think i would rather stay at natureview if i am to stay in that area. Might just be personal preference, but but room sizes are important for me.
  3. Nature View Hotel

    I stayed at Nature View this June, it was great and i will stay there again if i decide to be in the LK-Metro area. The rooms are of a good size including the bathroom, it was clean and everything worked as it should. The staff seemed helpful and had no issues in the 22 days i was there.
  4. there are many things to think about and handle when publishing a website. depending on the tech used for the template you might need to setup IIS/databases/tomcat, aswell as finding a suitable host for the site. You also need to buy a domain name, unless you want people to access it through an ip address. Also keep in mind that host site charge you based on traffic(single connections AND bandwidth) Not quite sure what you mean when you say you want to run trafic on FB through your server ? Are you planning to provide links for people to click ? Or is this some social media thing you can do that i have not heard of ? (have not used social media much) But i would suggest you talk with a tech savy friend, otherwise you are looking at learning quite a bit about IT.
  5. The best you can do, is it email the hotel and ask them. This way you will also have documentation of their reply should there be any issues later on.
  6. i would never send my credit card picture in an email, and the fact that agoda is trying to force customers to do this is very very bad. The security of doing this is bad. Send a picture ID copy, thats better and i can understand this to some degree. Now i dont know where the servers for agoda is housed, but if they are in the EU, they should be reported to the authorities as what they are doing is against rules for safeguarding personal data.
  7. Trafficking of women

    while i know these things happen, and most likely more than we know. And we should do what we can to stop these things from happening, but... I just dont get why a news site makes a new article based on 3 year old report, which is based on 5 year old data. I know there are people working to fight human trafficking, and i seem to remember it was last year that a rather large human smuggling ring was uncovered in thailand (or in asia/SE asia atleast). If they had something new to add to the reports it would be one thing, but they only reference to old reports/data. Just seems counter productive to me.
  8. i think you will need to look up the rules for the given countries you wish to visit, i would think that most of europe will require some sort of visa. But i have hear of instances where it did not seem too much of an issue getting a Thai a tourist visa.
  9. The Hideaway

    Thank you for helping the helpless, very much appriciated
  10. The Hideaway

    thanks for the reply, i must suck at searching. I have now tried 10 times searching for "the hideaway" and just "hideaway" and i cannot find any threads for it. But as you say its a very popular place, so i might not even be able to get a room, but i might try
  11. I just randomly saw an ad for this guesthouse called "The Hideaway", had a look on their website and tripadvisor, and from that it looks like a cool place. But i could not find anything here on PA, has any of you stayed there, that can tell a little about how it was ? I can interested in things like: Sound level from street/nearby bars Do the things work, like AC and TV ect. ?
  12. nature view

    Thanks, though i wasn't panicing, just alittle concerned something had gone wrong. If worst comes to worse i will just have to find a place when i get there, which should not be the biggest problem as i will be going in low season But i guess this is to be expected that servers/services go down once in a while. I do know about confirming my booking, they also stated this very clearly in emails to me when i made my booking
  13. nature view

    Yeah it might just have been down for maintinance for the weekend, i just tried again this evening when i got home from work and it is working again
  14. nature view

    I booked a room at Nature View for this summer, they have confirmed by email and that seems all fine and well. But for the last two days i have been unable to access their website, is this something i should be concerned about ? Also does this happen from time to time with Thai hotels, that their website service goes down for a while ?
  15. boomerang guesthouse

    i sent a mail regarding staying here, crossing my fingers my choice is available