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  1. Thanks for your response mate. If I were to transfer 100,000 baht to her bank account would that qualify? I'm not too sure regarding the proof of income as she the 4.5 months she stayed with me I never transferred anything to her bank account directly. Prior to this she would've had income from the bar. Do you think this would be regarded as proof of her own income if she could show a bank statement during that period? I'm not entirely sure how to approach the fact that she worked in a bar either - is this something that we should be upfront about during the application?
  2. I'm about to set the wheels in motion for getting my TGF a visitors visa to the UK - I'm just wondering if others that have attempted the same can shed some light on her chances. She's 19, worked in a bar in Pattaya so has no real work experience outside of a brief stint at 7-11. She has no family to support and no kids. We met middle of January of this year and spent most of my time with her until 1st April when she quit work to live with me full time (in Pattaya). During this time we've spent several weeks visiting her family and we've gone abroad together (Cambodia for a couple of weeks). As far as documenting the relationship goes we've plenty of photos and about 17,000 Facebook messages (mostly prior to living together). I have as of week ago returned to the UK for work and she has returned to her hometown and taken up working with her aunt selling food. I'm supplementing her income while she does this. As far as my sponsoring of her visa goes - I do not have any real savings however I'm in full-time employment earning 25k per year. She has next to nothing in the bank. So from what I can tell the risks are - 1. Length of relationship (Began seeing each other 7 months ago, lived together for 4.5 months of that) 2. Her lack of dependents, job, reasons to return 3. My lack of savings Are these likely to be showstoppers? Has anyone succeeded in getting a visa for a girl in a similar position?