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  1. They can be noisy little fuckers when they want. I had one for 10 years, loved it to bits but boy could that little thing get on my nerves at times when it went off If you train them well from a young age they are great little dogs though. As mentioned already, they need a good amount of exercise because they have a lot of energy.
  2. Ecigarette

    By big tobacco you mean TTM, the biggest supplier in Thailand and owned by the Ministry of Finance?
  3. Ecigarette

    Don't let it stress you, take your vape and use it in the room. Also some closed bars are fine with them being used away from prying eyes, best to check first though. I gave factory mades away nearly 3 years ago but on my August trip I had a few Marlboro Purple Bursts and didn't mind them as the capsule has a nice flavour. I still much prefer my Vape to a smoke but sometimes you need to adapt.
  4. I like the hotel, love the Suites, I stayed a couple times in the 1 bedroom deluxe suite. The location is close to Soi 6 which I like but for others it's not ideal. Theres only 1 of me so I haven't gone down the foursome route just yet
  5. Amari Nova Suites, have had 3 people in the room multiple times, never an extra charge.
  6. I transit KL every trip, never had to show my passport. I fly MAS and arrive / depart from the KLIA main terminals.
  7. Amari Nova Suites

    This has become my favourite hotel to stay at. I love the deluxe suites, location is a 10 min (max) walk to Soi 6. Breakfast around the corner at KTK for 190 baht. There's laundry, 7/11, Family Mart and exchange booth (decent rates) all very close. You can get the shuttle or walk to Central Festival, about 10 - 15 mins and they are very guest friendly. I prefer to book direct with the hotel, get points in the Onyx Reward program and grab free night every now and then. Will be back for another stay in August.
  8. She has already been to Aus twice, when applying for those tourist visa's did she state what her current occupation was? If so what did she state and it would seem you need to be consistent with what has been stated on previous tourist visas.
  9. Amari Nova Suites

    Hi guys I just wanted to update this after my 10 night stay. On three occasions I had 2 girls back to the room and not once was I charged an extra fee for this. Really impressed with this. I did actually email the hotel prior and they said there was no charge but I was sceptical they understood my email. I was pleasantly surprised at check out that there was no 'extra joiner fees'. Cheers.
  10. Amari Nova Suites

    Thank you for answering, much appreciated.
  11. Amari Nova Suites

    Yes I can walk, thanks for that.
  12. Amari Nova Suites

    Fair enough, but is it available late night and what about upon return late in the evening. Let's say I get off the baht bus on 2nd road near 7/11 and Soi 6 Just trying to get a guide here.
  13. Amari Nova Suites

    Hi guys, How much should a MB taxi be from the hotel to 2nd road or in the other direction to Central Pattaya road? 20 baht?
  14. Amari Nova Suites

    Thanks guys for your replies, seems standard operating procedure is in place, not too worried about an extra 500 baht if that's the case. Also good to know there's an IT guy I can ask for if wifi is an issue.
  15. Amari Nova Suites

    Hey guys, Has anyone had any experience having 2 girls back to the room at Amari Suites? Do they charge extra for a second girl? I know a couple freelancers who are friends and was thinking of suggesting having them both over at the same time