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  1. Tweet Tweet Nest Soi 8

    A mate stayed there last year and had overnight guests at no extra charge. They were particular though that he comes down and escorts his guest to the room. They also kept back the id and called back to check in on him when his guest left. The only thing I didn't like about the hotel was an exceptionally small balcony.
  2. According to this link they are supposed to open their doors in 2017 But I'm not so confident looking at the pics shared by @striderman. Anyone in the know or has an informed guess on when they are likely to get started. Like some signage on/ near the site like opening soon or some grapevine info I'm really interested because I'm already booked on the other Holiday Inn for my next trip early next year. But that is farther from the action, is costing me more points and probably doesn't have a free breakfast. This on the other hand being an Express will be easier on the points and closer to the points of action.
  3. Do you love Thai Music?

    Thank you. Would love that. I almost gave up any hope on this thread when your response came across. Please do add the links - would love that.
  4. Ok went to your Google drive and checked. GF ok but have to sign a disclaimer which is fine. But still if someone who actually stayed can confirm it would be great Btw, you are doing a great job with this research. Really helpful.
  5. This link not working 4 me, throwing up some garbled content
  6. Maybe this has been covered before but couldn't find it. Is Holiday Inn Pattaya & Bangkok Guest Friendly? Anyone stayed there?
  7. Great review. Comprehensive and useful. I care two hoots about the free wifi bcos I am always using my Thai local sim data hotspot. What's the Location of this hotel?
  8. Do you love Thai Music?

    Sawasdeeee Khaaaaaaaapppp
  9. Do you love Thai Music?

    Loving you too much, so much, very much
  10. I am starting to love Thai music, thanks to the gals I've been with and the places. Anyone else hooked to Thai music. I don't understand the language but the visuals and subtitles are big help. Check this one - will post a few more . Please add your fav Thai music video if you have something. http://พนักงานดับเพลิง - LABANOON「Official MV」:
  11. Why not stay somewhere like the SITC guest house or Walking Street guest house? No place for shame in such places.
  12. Good place. I haven't stayed there but a friend did in November and I went to his room once. Rooms are really nice and well done. But the balcony is small. The receptionist is a cute little girl.
  13. Marriott courtyard

    I am staying here a few nights in November. Have some rewards points which I wanna use. What are the transport options like particularly to Soi6? Apart from 10 mins+ walk to Second Road in the sun or taking expensive mobike taxis every time Regarding GF I called up the hotel and they said they don't have joiner fees but collect id
  14. Courtyard By Marriott

    On reading carefully ... Yes you are right. My bad