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  1. I had not heard of the Copa Hotel and after searching I now know why. Copa Hotel, gay hotel Boyz Town, Pattaya Most other places sound much better except for guys wanting a "gay hotel" in the gay area I guess.
  2. I started a topic basically the same as this one some time back. Check it out as it may be of help.
  3. Cant beat VT 6 as a location and if they do start building works on the adjoining plot, just move. One month deposit loss written into the contract sound fair for both parties if the 12 month lease isnt fulfilled by the tenant. 20k pm or better 19k with the lease containing that for this condo seems like a good deal to me.
  4. Its a touch larger than a box room but there's a market for it and for the right guy it will be great.
  5. Thanks for this. Shame like you say its so damned expensive, even at the 30k pm rate its 10 baht for electricity which is way over the top. Usually places open and start cheap then raise their prices, maybe this one will do the opposite because I cant see it being busy at these rates.
  6. I'm not seeing my own idea of villa. This is a small house on a small plot of land, not a large and spacious villa surrounded by extensive gardens with a beautiful view over the countryside or sea. Sure its nicely done but it is what it is and nothing more.
  7. Explain to the owner that your not happy with all these viewings, cut short your contract with her and move. She wants to sell it but also wants your rent until its sold, cant blame her really but your only remedy is to move. Dont be difficult over viewings, just get out of the place and be happy somewhere else. Life is too short.
  8. You already know you've overpriced it and admit it "If you do not like the price on Air BNB, make me an offer here. I am ready to wheel and deal to get this thing rented out". The problem you have in finding a tenant is because your asking what you hope to get, not what you will take and that just puts people off without even bothering to contact you. Yours is just another of the 1000,s of empty condos looking for tenants so pitch it straight off at the price you will take, not one you would like. Too much competition for tenants not to, if you want to rent it out. quickly.
  9. There is no 90 day per year limit. Thai Visa is really the site for in-depth answers and discussions on this topic, much less so here on PA. All your questions will have been answered over there by the experts.
  10. Leasehold length

    Great, thanks a lot man !
  11. Leasehold length

    Sorry to ask but this has confused me. Farangs cannot own land so any lease to one cannot include a proportion of land ownership, only rental, is that right ? Farang buys a condo in the foreign quota, are you saying that condo only has a 30 year lease for him ? if he has bought it from another farang he only has the remainder of the time left from the original 30 year lease ?, or is a new 30 year lease given to each subsequent farang purchaser ? If its a continuation of the remainder of the original 30 year lease how does the farang renew it and at what cost and importantly from whom ?, the condo board ? If those are the cases then a Thai lease, although costing much less than a foreign lease has far more real value as Thais are not subject to the farang limitations of law, such as land ownership. I ask because the OP was talking about the ownership of the land, not the physical building initially. Now though you've brought up this 30 year lease issue. Sorry if these seem dumb questions but it would be really helpful if you could clarify these for me. Thanks
  12. Girls Gone Wild Video - Pattaya Thailand

    Very brief video posted to get the OP,s YT view count up I guess..
  13. short term condo concerns

    I guess under 30 day lets are down to if the condo board turn a blind eye to them or vote to enforce the law on owners.. I'm sure that some buildings or developments will have far more full time residents than others and it would be those people who would object to short lets, if there were noise issues or other tenant related problems caused by them. Places like VT6 obviously don't care and probably the same in easily the majority of centrally located ones.
  14. The OP,s last "everything's fine" post was on August 23 and his last log on to PA was on September 20. For all those who have put deposits down on this development I hope that work resumes soon but currently anyone thinking of buying a place there, unless it was at a rock bottom price and they were prepared to take the risk they may lose their money or that it may not be finished for years, would be well advised to stay clear of it. Does anyone know why the works have stopped ? I don't think its down to any planning issues like at Waterfront so its probably down to a cash flow issue with the developers, maybe they didn't generate enough off plan sales ?. As there are so many units someone on here must know why they've stopped.building and when or if they are going to resume. Great location with very easy walking distance to Beach Road & LK.etc so I thought this development would have been easily sold out fast, even in today's saturated condo market Is it the pricing of the units or something else ?