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  1. The 500 baht fee is for a 3rd person in the room same as most hotels if you are on your own you can have a guest.
  2. Someone on another thread said they were there now so I asked, all done both pools open.
  3. Someone has posted recently 3 weeks so you should be OK,
  4. I flew from the UK with Emirates and at the check in desk the Woman query my flight because I was returning 31 days later but she corrected herself as I was arriving the next day so I was only 30 days. They do check.
  5. Late check out is allowed at a lot of hotels subject to availability but normally it is 4-6 hrs. I think you will just have to pay for an extra day.
  6. If you read it visa exemption is 30 days but using it you can only do 90 days in a 6 months period so 3 x 30 of 6 x 15 so on.He was asking how many times he can come in using the exemption not getting a Visa. Five 30 day visa exemptions should be OK in a year.
  7. This from the Thai Embassy London so will count for other countries with the Visa exemption says you can only stay 90 days in every 6 month period.
  8. She says you can do 50 x 30 day stays a year.
  9. As the others say they take your passport Photocopy/take info off it and give it back. Then get yourself a copy of the main page & visa to carry around if you want. Then stick it in your safe.
  10. Same here booked last week for Nov/Dec.
  11. I know some offer slightly better rates for £50 notes but it is not much.
  12. Revolut offering 42.7526 Baht to the GBP at present so not for me.
  13. I wanted to book for 3 weeks in Nov it showed no availability so I emailed with my dates got the reply within 24 hrs with the confirmation of a booking held for a few days then sent details of my card to pay for 1 days stay (pay rest on arrival) and received confirmed booking again within 24 hrs. ACE club gives you a discount on the room for 1 year costs 890 and give a 300 discount for basic rooms per day and 450 for rooms in the Evergreen wing plus 15% of food & drink (non alcholic). Book for 2 same price.
  14. The link is for the Aussie Card but checked both UK & Aussie Foreign currency fee at ATM's is 5.95% worse than the cards I have now & I only take as emergency cards. Ah well a great loss RIP Supercard. Loading up with euros revolut was offering 1.15 travelex 1.12 so not for me will just have to use my Nationwide Select credit Card.
  15. That is very disappointing linked it to my nationwide card so I used to get 0.5% back. Nationwide has no foreign fees but its security is over the top went to Tenerife told them online I was going. When I arrived at the hotel they blocked the card but as a regular customer it was OK next day rang them took about 20 mins to unblock went down 10 mins later they blocked the card again this time I got a text so 3 rd time lucky. With Supercard all I had to do was change to another linked card. As you not been informed but here it is.