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      On Tuesday 24th July the forum will be carrying out a server upgrade, this will necessitate an approximate two hour down time that the forum will not be able to be accessed. This will occur around 2pm (14:00) Pattaya time. Hopefully this will resolve the speed and loading issues.


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  1. Your weblink is not working don't think you posted the full address missing the http part. Try this.Good luck in your venture.
  2. Any visa requirements will be decided on your specific country and not grouped as a European citizen. So you will have to look at the rules that apply to your country of origin.
  3. Well I had my first Pattaya trip last year and I went 3 times.Being out in the wings will be ok...just ok.Those places are better for people who have been a few times know the "lay of the land" and have decided they want a quieter holiday.I understand what you say about not wanting noisy in central but there are a lot of areas not like that.For your first time the areas you suggest I think are too far out. The area that will be good for you is Soi Buakhao.It sounds like it is just a street but it's a big long winding road with bars and small sois branched off it.Some parts of it are about ten minutes walk from beach and motorbike should not be required as everything(cinemas,shopping centres,food courts,bars etc) are alll within walking distance. My advice to you would be to make a new post with suggestions from board members about accommodation in Soi buakhao area....and list some of your requirements....price,not being noisy etc.
  4. Mishko am I right in saying this will be your first time in Pattaya?...Have you booked your accommodation yet?....I ask because the transport links are quite good where you suggested but they are a little bit away from the central area if this is going to be your first time.
  5. Yes good place .As stated there is now a £10 admin fee. Don.t remember paying that before.