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  1. Newbie looking for hotel recommendation

    This is for your goodwill only..just do not act as a newbie..thai girls r very one is a newbie Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Tapatalk
  2. Newbie looking for hotel recommendation

    I also love soi 13..its soi sieb sam in thai..fantastic..i always prefer INN house hotel..they have a nice restaurant called "king george" Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Tapatalk
  3. Do I Need a Tourist Visa?

    Three trips a year is very much fair..Makes sense to immigration guys that you need to go home,earn money and then come back again..Last time I met one of my friend who did 4 trips in last 7 months ...No questions asked..Depends on the immigration official, if she is a women then no problem at all...Even if its a strict guy, I dont think he is going to question you for making three trips a year...It simple ..If you have completed your previous trips without any issue I mean exited on time , then no problem..When they type your passport number ..Your previous Thailand travel history pops up on their screen..If you exited before time on your last visits then no problem at all...
  4. Newbie looking for hotel recommendation

    After reaching pattaya, don't keep on revealing that you are a newbie with your newbie behavior..I bet you will be ripped off very hard..On my first I had immense knowledge about the place before visiting pattaya..I used my pattaya addicts,BANGkok 112 youtube video knowledge ,King epic youtube video knowledge to excel..Not for a single moment they felt that it was my first visit..I even used basic Thai sentences such as "chan chob", sabai dee mai" ,Yoo tee nai khrap etc etc..I have a feeling that you are going to have a tough newbie time over there...It seems you know nothing about the place...Your life your choice..Act newbie to get ripped off there..
  5. Newbie looking for hotel recommendation

    Inn house hotel( 1200 bhat average)...but room size is average or else stay in bay breeze (1200 bhat average) , soi honey.. I generally do not keep valuables in room safe..I keep them at reception locker which is 100 % secured..So cannot comment on room safe..
  6. 800-1000 baht Rooms?

    Inn house soi 13,Bay breeze hotel ( SOI HONEY),Privi hotel ( soi 13 ) ,Flipper house( soi 7),Eastiny group of hotels(Review not so good)
  7. Best way to pay at hotel

    Absolute no extra fees deducted on my visa debit card last time Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Tapatalk
  8. Sandy springs is on the right hand side of Inn house hotel,soi can also try INN house..its a 3 star hotel with decent rates Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Tapatalk
  9. Best YouTube channels?

    BANGKOK112,KING EPIC,KEV IN THAILAND,PATTAYA,PATTAYA STREET CRUISER RIPPEDJEANSANDTATTOOS : In this channel, you can get 360 deg view videos..This guy shoots some world class 360 deg videos..Very much interactive.. KING EPIC:King epic is a world class monger...He has done some serious stuff on Austrian brothels n all...He has covered each and everything about pattaya and bangkok..He stays in Thailand most of the time making videos.. Geoff carter: Informative videos Bangkok69: Amazing videos Pattaya bars: Again a good channel. BANGKOK112:All time classic...
  10. Sorry mate,I never compromise with my accommodation.I would rather cancel my trip than paying up 8000 bhat for 4 days and that to for 2 no. of rooms ..Luxury is something which is my personal preference..But there are guys who compromise with accommodation/tight budget travelers..Soi buakhao would be your best bet...There are several cheap avenues over there...Also mark a note that that maximum of 2 persons are allowed inside a room and for every extra person who will have to pay extra..I reckon you guys are traveling in group of 8-10 .So 8/10 of your friends won't be allowed to stay in two rooms..Mark the note.. Forget about a decent 3 star practical and apply your common sense...
  11. Teaching English?

    Chances are less since you are young and there are other experienced professionals trying for the same.....Experience and age matters..You can try for kinder garten jobs which requires no experience...
  12. Where shall i stay?

    Inn house ,Soi 13...A good and decent 3 star hotel..High season rates are little bit on the higher side..But still you can manage below 50$(US dollar)..You can try Eastiny group of hotels @ soi 8&7...All of them under 30$ (US dollar) a night ..Just checked yesterday..I am planning for any one of the Eastiny group of hotels on my next december visit..I never go below 3 star hotels..Thats like comprising with your comfort and luxury..Your life your chaoice..Cheers...You can refer to KEV IN THAILAND's video reagrding super cheap aveneus @ Soi Buakhao area..
  13. Decent hotel for around 1000b?

    Inn house hotel..Soi 13..the best hotel..superb hotel..simply class 3 star hotel .. Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Tapatalk