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  1. I see it was no challenge to you in choosing your ID Again you regurgitate the same 'missing the point' BS Yes you can get the full whoop-de-do MC rate ONLY ON SMALL AMOUNTS (you see I emphasised it this time for the hard of thinking) You CANT FILL your Thai bank account you can only transfer the limited amount that these OFFERS allow you If you act outside these parameters you need to B.T. - and guess fookin what the more you transfer the more you ameliorate the fee
  2. Foisting, face saving, gloating I'm perplexed as to where you are coming from The thread is about the demise of Supercard (the latest in a long line of devices offering too much by way these foreign use advantages - in the hope of marginal take up of these peripheral offerings - that have failed) You pointed out that these wonder cards beat the banks' rates I pointed out that they have limitations - as do all financial marketing ploys (like the current account 3 or 4% interest offers etc the small print tells you the long list of hoops to be jumped through and even then only £3K max input or some such B.S.) If you have the time and inclination to chase pennies on small amounts go to it. The reality is that for bigger amounts these don't apply. And in those instances, as I pointed out the small fees ameliorate with volume.
  3. Everyone can read and form their own M.O. Mine is to do half yearly £50K bank transfers That suits me and my circumstances I haven't got it wrong, its exactly how I want it Face saving? what drugs are you ingesting?
  4. So tell me which of your vaunted cards will do a £50K transfer?
  5. All but a fool knows that you have to 'big up' the transfer amount to ameliorate the fees
  6. I gripe from way back in my Hotel days Is there Parking for four-wheeled vehicles (as well as twist n gos) I used to use Hotel and long term rental vehicle. Would have been nice to search without schlepping around the town in person For the Hotel dwellers of today's needs, I suppose a definitive Wi-Fi speedtest reading hits the mark. At lot of places think minutes to load a page constitutes an internet connexion. As an aside I could hardly contain my disbelief when in the cheapest Thai dentists in town I logged into his free wi-fi and got a rock solid 100mg + connect!!
  7. Rotating offshore workers were exactly why the new M.E. tourist visa was incepted (its criteria for application is geared exactly to transiting workers - and not as you might think freewheeling tourists)
  8. Considering you are there for a finite number of days at considerable expense from the other side of the planet TO ENJOY YOURSELF just what part of having these days eroded to earn money for a landlord enshrines 'reasonableness'? .
  9. Exactomundo Paint and people cheap so why live in the 'Bosnia' look Whenever the signs of weather show on mine it gets a double dose of prime exterior
  10. But unless it actually does, a press of the lever wankerfies you n'est ce pas But as for pointing out missing contractual clauses to a Thai landlord .... that will only emphasise the lack of deposit return timescales ;) .
  11. And how long has exterior paint been on prescription in Pratamnak? ;)
  12. Just tell the viewers that they'll have to be quick as you have a hospital appointment later today - as the results are back for the Leptospirosis cultures taken from the infected rat bites you keep getting at night in this apartment. They'll get the message .
  13. I see no hint of selling it, only his diatribe of his getting it for free and now offering to deliver it for free anywhere in Pattaya