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  1. Simple answer dont fly into Sukhumvit (pilots have a bastard of a job jiggling the landing gear between the traffic anyhow) ;) That aside If immo gets the idea that you're working in-country on Visa Waiver's etc the next step in their logical progression is to see the Song Muen (in cash) .
  2. No you misunderstand most places will levy a couple of percent on top of purchase price for using the card Nothing whatsoever to do with the shearing done with 'dynamic currency conversions'
  3. Most places in Thailand zip you for a few percent fee at P.O.S. for using a card in any case for a purchase so however clever you are being in your choice you are losing over cash in any event
  4. Then I would ring them If you get a well speaking intelligent person on the other end explain and ask if THEY can rectify it for you But As I suspect you already fear, you are in a dilemma Leaving it alone might compromise a transfer Messing with it might cock things up until you are there in person
  5. Just look on it as a tax on stupidity/laziness Thailand has no culture of spoon-feeding consumers and protecting them They will fiscally rape you any which way they can till you stop giving
  6. Oh this again it goes on and on in perpetuity and always comes to this: If you've got gonads bring cash (despite what you've been brainwashed into believing it is still King) If you're short on gonads keep paying the ATM fees blah blah (unless you're a crowing septic all Schwabbed up ;) ) If you're in for the long game open one or more Thai bank accounts ;)
  7. Id love to be a fly on the wall as you try and engender anything positive from the brown mafia explaining all these 'Boys Own' clues BTW A suitcase WITH A ZIP !! (may as well leave the contents on the landing)
  8. The best kind
  9. And swallows too whats not to like ;)
  10. How about an A4 laminated photo of a cobra with 'caution pet snake inside' (in Thai script)
  11. Thumbs up for this (and throwaway price too) http://www.lazada.co.th/fancytoy-hidden-remote-digital-alarm-clock-jmhg-surveillance-camcamera-video-dvr-record-7516824.html
  12. Well best of luck with that Confusing home country 'consumer rights' with the laissez faire attitude in Thailand to any such matters, and the predilection in Pattaya specifically to completely ignore such grievances as any day soon a big fast airliner takes it away for them.
  13. No i ts an internal HDD But for very little money you can buy an enclosure (case with ports for USB) to turn it into what you desire
  14. No the way it was done is the popular modus operandi. Employed at holiday destinations world wide as it gives the staff exactly that 'out' You're a drunken holidaymaker who miscalculated his spendings If someone (heaven forbid) was to steal it would all have gone n'est-ce pas. .
  15. aye but three possibly four half fingers lying about brings better closure