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  1. Thanks for the answer. It does not look like they operate in Norway
  2. My girlfriend is going to apply for a visa to come to Norway now very soon. We've got most documents in order, but still missing the travel insurance. Anyone know if it's possible for me to buy her insurance for Schengen area from Norway? And if yes, anyone know a good company to use which fits the requirements for the visa, and also lets me fix it for her? Preferably one that refunds if a visa rejected, if possible Thanks!
  3. Cheers for the response, I'll be looking a little more into it at a later date, but I'll keep this in mind and send you a PM if I have any questions
  4. I appreciate the information, thank you, but I have a pretty good idea about how the process works, and what needs to be done As I've done my research to the best of my ability. What I don't know however, is what the actual chances are for her to get a visa. I think what I wrote should cover most major points about the relationship and situation. Both me and her are currently putting all our eggs in the basket for this to work. But as we are getting closer, I start to worry that it's more unlikely than I think that the visa is granted. What I would like to know, apart from the tips and tricks, is what someone who might have similar experiences perceive the chances might be for a granted visa, from what I have written so far. I am aware that every case is viewed individually, but with the assumption that we have every paper in order, but she owns no property, and will say she's unemployed. Also, a hopefully well written invitation letter. Likely to be granted? Very unlikely? About 50/50?
  5. I see it mentioned two times that we've only been together for 2 weeks. We've been together in Thailand for 25 days, which is closer to 4 weeks. But I am coming back again, and will have been together with her for 44 days before she would leave for Norway. So to be fair, I will have seen her 3 times in 6 months, and as mentioned, we talk a lot every single day
  6. I'll try and write this short, but provide as much relevant information as possible, and I would like to hear from someone with experience as to what they think the chances are for her to be granted visa. Let's assume, all the papers are in order, my invitation letter is well written and contains all relevant information. * I'm 25, she's 28 (I turn 26 a few days after we submit papers) * We will have known each other for 6 months. Been with her 6 days on my first trip, came back, stayed 19 days with her, and will be staying another 19 days when we submit papers. Will have stayed together a total of 26 days, when papers are submitted, and 44 days, before we would leave for Norway. * We talk every single day, on average we spend 1 hour every day on video camera on Line, and send some messages in between. We have intotal, about 400 pictures sent between us (How can we prove this?) * I will have sponsored her quite a lot in the past 4 months * We will be submitting papers around 22. March, and leave together 9. April, if things go well. * She has previous visa for 1 year in Russia in her passport, and says she has had no issues. * I have met her family, stayed for 4 days, but only have 1 picture together with her mom as proof. Now, for the reasons for why it would be declined * She will leave her apartment, and owns no property. * She is a BG, but she claims she has no contract there, and can not get proof of having work when she gets back. So she will apply for visa as unemployed (I know she will have work there after visa) * She has no kids, and is not married (Obviously) * By the time she applies, I'll be with her for the third time, but.. First time, I met her, didn't go to Thailand to see her specifically, and only together for 6 days. Second time, I visited her for 19 days, we stayed in Pattaya 10 days, 4 days in her Village, and 5 days in Bangkok. Third time, will not have happend yet, as I would write the documents before coming back.. But I could provide some sort of proof in my invitation letter of me coming back to her for 19 days. Questions! * Do I tell the embassy I met her in a bar? Or do I avoid naming specific location, and hope the question does not arise? (They ask her questions, which should correlate with what I write in my invitation?) * Does her working in a bar, pose any problems generally? * Basically, what are the things to do/not to do when dealing with her line of work, and she seem to not want to have that mentioned at embassy, but I don't wanna lie either. * Are there certain "bad" things about her, that you can avoid, by simply not mentioning them? Again, bar related I think that covers it, thanks in advance for anyone reading/responding to this post.