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  1. It is one piece Garzan and the new owner loves it. I know because I fish with him, twice a week. No Whiskey fish on the rod and reel combo, as yet. It is the perfect outfit for Baetong Fishing Park.
  2. PENN SLAMMER 560L LIVE LINER FISHING REEL is still for sale. The Price is 2600 Baht. I have received some ridiculous time wasting offers. The price is firm, no offers, please. I can pair it with a Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger #BWS 2201 70 for 3,800 Baht package deal. Once again, no offers, please. Both items are as new.
  3. 555 You should see my lure collection back in Australia.
  4. Is it fish that get caught or us anglers? My latest addition to my reel family is an Abu Garcia 6600 C4. My friend is bringing it from Australia for me. It will replace a reel I refer to as Shitbox, a reel that was made in Taiwan. Fine gear deserved to be looked after. All my reels live in felt soft bags and all have their original boxes.
  5. Hey Kurt, Bump away. I have a friend who has a friend who will buy the reel but needs to wait a week. That is eight days ago now. Happy safe return and home coming. Barstool
  6. FOR SALE. PENN SLAMMER 560L LIVE LINER FISHING REELS 2,600 Baht. Reel is as new and in A1 working order and only used in fresh water at Baetong Fishing Park, Pattaya. Reel will be sold without line. Reason for sale. I have two and yesterday I fished with and fell in love with my new baitcaster outfit. One Penn will be enough for me now. For a review of this reel click here. http://www.fishingta...g-fireline.html You can reach me via PM. Cheers Barstool.
  7. I can only help you on the beer I drink. Singha Lite is 60 Baht.
  8. Where else in the world can you have a great breakfast at 10.30pm, yes pm. I enjoyed a great breakfast whilst my wife rolled my mate playing pool. You have done a great job, well done Retox crew.
  9. Not to mention great mates! 555
  10. I like the GPS co-ordinates. It makes it so easy to find your location with Google Maps.
  11. Great info here. Thanks for the post.