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  1. Where are the pictures?
  2. Art on the Hill condo debacle in Pattaya

    Who told you that no one has their Chanote? I have been informed that some definitely have.
  3. Advertised for 9.9k on another thread.
  5. Hepatitis outstrips AIDS, TB as killer: report

    Perhaps the one to which I linked in post #24. It's a lot less than 1/20th of the US price.
  6. Hepatitis outstrips AIDS, TB as killer: report A reasonably good resource there.
  7. Hepatitis outstrips AIDS, TB as killer: report

    I can tell you that my friend is paying US$750 for her full course and there are options to go cheaper than that. But she is happy with her current recommendation.
  8. Hepatitis outstrips AIDS, TB as killer: report

    The Sculptor said/wrote nothing of the sort. It was I who wrote 26,000 baht. Not for a cheaper alternative, but for exactly the same thing. Hep C is not just sexually transmitted and as I illustrated above, the treatment is relatively inexpensive, but Gilead has bills to pay, including having to pay Merck US$2.54 billion for infringing their patent in producing Sovaldi and Harvoni.
  9. Hepatitis outstrips AIDS, TB as killer: report

    Harvoni is just a brand name, as you are probably aware. So no I am not referring to HARVONI®. But I am referring to ledipasvir 90 mg/sofosbuvir 400 mg... The tests have already been carried out, so it would be medicine and monitoring. Both of those things can be obtained undertaken at considerably less cost than the usurious rates charged by US institutions. Expensive only because there is no regulation in the USA as to what they can charge. So they charge ridiculous rates. But the actual raw ingredients are ludicrously inexpensive. In fact remove the patent cost and you can produce the medicine for US$122 per treatment course(twelve weeks). That is no typo. Right now you can obtain the medicine needed for a lot less than U$1000 and in some cases half of that. I'm not going to link to anyone or anywhere in particular, as suffers should do their research and due diligence. There are many options open to them.
  10. Hepatitis outstrips AIDS, TB as killer: report

    HCV treatment is not expensive. It's just expensive for those who have to pay the ridiculous prices set by Gilead. For those who refuse to do so, it is not expensive. Perhaps the equivalent cost of a flight or short trip to Thailand.
  11. So why doesn't he just take cash with him? Joking of course. He may need to send money to a friend.
  12. You state that the Thailand bank admitted fault. What was the fault? Was there a Correspondent Bank involved? Did you go through their official complaints procedure?
  13. Oh...yes. Missed that at first. What the benefit of using this service as opposed to Transferwise or XendPay?
  14. What exchange rate is used?