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  1. Yep, you're right. Found it, 0.25 percent.
  2. From memory, I think Kassakorn charges a half a percent to convert.
  3. Ya, your home bank dictates your daily limit. You can call and change this. I have done this, actually brought them down incase of fraud. I actually go even further only keeping 1 trip money in account at a time. So if I do have fraud I have very limited exposure. Again, this can be done with a phonecall. Call bank and have your accounts "unlinked". (I have got hit by fraud in the past in the US. I'm anal and go even further. I use ATMs at an actual bank branch when the bank is open. This is actually a total non issue, just use ATM when I hit big C shopping anyway. But there are times when 30k available would be nice.
  4. Just noticed a change at the K bank ATM today. ATM limit now 30k (I think it was always 20k before) at Kasikorn at Big C extra. (The ATM outside branch, not sure about the others). Not sure if anybody else cares.
  5. Hey everybody. I have kinda had a change of plans. Just kinda decided 2 things. 6 weeks is too long here (always have the most fun first 2-3 weeks. And 3 months is too long. My current 3, 6 week trips and 1 4 week trip means a streach of almost 3 months in the US. Was kinda doing it like this to minimize flights. But 3 months in the US blows. Anyway, decided to do 5, 28 day trips instead. Think this will keep my time in Thailand "fresher" and eliminate any streach of over 7 or 8 weeks working. Am I guna have any problems with 5, 30 day entry stamps a year. Are you FIFO guys having any problems? (I'm currently using 60 day tourist visa) Still trying to figure out what works best for me. Guess there are worse problems to have. Thanks
  6. I would start by downloading one of those expense tracker apps. Just spend as normal and track it for a month. After you know what and where your spending is going you can set a realistic budget and see whats left for savings, travel and what can be eliminated.
  7. Probably not what you wana hear but I would say go back to school at home. You have no education, no work experience (that's relevant), presumably no language skills, etc. Not trying to be a dick here but even if you landed a job it would probably be a low paying dead end(no retirement, probably no healthcare, visa issues). IMO better to go back to school, acquire skills and work half the year at home(rotational) or look for a job with an international. No this wouldn't be taking the easy/fast route but would be a better long term plan. I'm assuming your young by reading your limited work experience.
  8. Ya I'll have to ask. My main page and bank book do have the correct name. It's the individual accounts in the online banking where the problem is.
  9. Transfer went through, thanks guys
  10. All my receipts from Kasikorn are 220b. My bank reimburses but still a rip off. Charles Schwab looks like this at the end of the month (2 transactions in Feb). I highly recommend them if you're American. 02/28/2017 ATMREBATE ATM Fee Rebate $12.58
  11. OK I just poked around on the online thing more. The welcome pages have correct spelling, the account name area is spelled wrong??????
  12. Hey guys, have any of you tried to make changes to your K bank account from abroad? Just noticed my bankbook is correct. But my last name is spelled wrong in my cyber banking(on the online page I can see from home). Can I change this from home? Will this effect transfers into this account from my home account? I am trying to set this up with my bank at home to transfer into Thai account to buy a cheap condo. I have to set this up from home. Can I correct the error on my cyber banking from home? Have any of you dealt with K bank customer service from abroad? Is this even worth messing with from home or is it hopeless till I get back to Thailand? Thanks
  13. I had no problem getting USD in Pattaya. My advice is get 10's or smaller if possible. It's hard to break bigger bills in smaller places in Cambodia.
  14. I went to the place across from Bic C extra(thought it was pro something). The one right by the soi Arunatai intersection. They told me they have start stop dates???? EDIT: I was at Pro Language, I'll check out Walden at the end of the month. Thanks