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  1. Exiting in time for free TV means - March 31 + April 30 + May 15 (going back mid May) = 76. I make that about 14 to spare. If he's coming in 20th January rather than the end, then just come in on a free TV not VW.
  2. I suggest you ask in the Cambodian forum as there might be an express way, but 3-4 days is what I read. That's working days and 31 & 1 are w/e plus 2 is probably a holiday so I think you'll be struggling with that plan.
  3. Coming in end Jan, so maybe doesn't even need the first SETV (30 day VW) if he leaves by say 25th Feb to make sure he gets a free one. Comes back in say 1st March with 60 days takes him to end April then extend by 30 and leaves mid May. What did I get wrong?
  4. Or.....exit before 28th February and get another free one then extend the second (free) one? Standard waiting time in Phnom Penh is reported as 3-4 days, don't know elsewhere.
  5. So $40 for SETV plus $55 for the 30 day Extension leaves $105 to fund your trip to eg Phnom Penh or HCMC and your stay there while you wait for a new SETV. You can certainly do that and it might be a nice side trip, but I doubt that it will be cheaper. Edit - But wait, aren't TVs free in January until 28th February?
  6. Assuming a new bike used, how much did it cost all up?
  7. You probably mean Key Visa, now out next to BigC South. ThaiVisaExpress is down Soi Buakhao junction Soi 15. If you're in LKM area I would ask at the Visa Shop right near junction Soi Diana/Lenkee and Soi Buakhao.
  8. If you're going to use an Agent, then I might be wrong but. despite the photo requirement, I think some of them can do it all for you without you even going to Jomtien
  9. Obviously it varies a lot then, but that's why I asked where he was staying. For hotels etc it seems pretty straightforward, but it can get complicated if you're staying in a mate's house or condo' to the extent that they may want confirmation that the TM30 Housemaster's report has been done, want a copy of the House Book and the owner's ID. It probably also varies according to whether there is currently a terrorist alert and on their assessment of the applicant.
  10. Proof of address can get complicated sometimes. Are you in a hotel or what?
  11. Bangkok - Thailand is waiving Visa Fees for all Nationalities 1st Dec to 28th Februaru 2017. http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/956583-thailand-waives-tourist-visa-fee-for-all-nationalities/
  12. I read of this before, but not about it being enforced at the point of entry? It seems to be database driven and if you're flagged for no further entries there's not much discussion about it. Thaivisa today. "Im currently stuck in dmk they are refusing entry. Sleeping in holding room. I just flew in from penang getting my third tourist visa there all three back to back in penang. These are the only three tourist visas in my life for thailand. They are saying i have to go back to penang tomorrow. Stay in my country too much !! 250 days..they said limit is 180 in a year. Wondering if anything i can do tomorrow when talking with them. I said 20k baht to show, ticket out of thailand.They said nope doesnt matter computer saying no entry. " http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/955228-3-tourist-visas-in-one-year-too-much/
  13. Via Pattaya Expats Club Group Membership.
  14. I suspect that you're right, but don't you think there's a little bias in that those most likely to be affected, whether due to insufficient income or capital or simply because they don't want to commit by depositing that much money in Thailand, are more likely to be renting anyway?