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  1. R-con@siam or D hotel?

    I stayed at the D Hotel in May and loved the place. Set back off Soi Buekow about 50 yards. Very quite,lovely pool and close to everything. dont hesitate mate book to D Hotel
  2. Nova Gold or D Hotel

    D Hotel does look basic that's what I thought but for £21 a night I'm well happy. Nova Gold rooms look spot on.
  3. Nova Gold or D Hotel

    Yep totally agree was showing my sister my hotel and she was gobsmacked by the standard of it for £21 a night
  4. Review - D Hotel Soi Buakhao

    It's not a huge deal for me,I normally just use it to cool down after being out in the morning/afternoon. However sometimes like to read my book if just wanting to chill.wont being doing that with no shade.
  5. Review - D Hotel Soi Buakhao

    Just booked up for two weeks in May got a deluxe room for £22 a night on agoda. Only issue is no umberrela on roof top pool for some shade. Joe
  6. Nova Gold or D Hotel

    Yeah I am going to go with the D Hotel pretty much for the same reasons you have listed and discussed before. You will be grand in the Adelphi it's a good Hotel,what I am loving about Pattaya is the choice in everything,hotels,girls,bars,transport and golf. ta
  7. Nova Gold or D Hotel

    That's what I am thinking. cheap and central for me
  8. Nova Gold or D Hotel

    Where abouts are you from? I am born and bread in Dundee. However working in Aberdeen. As last August was my 1st trip I played out of the golf club in LK Metro. Found them to be really well organised and happy to have me join. I hired clubs from there,however this trip bringing my own as get 30k with emirates. However I might mix it up and use sugar shack as don't want to play two days back to back. Get a pint and a belther at the crawl I arrive the day before. God knows where I'm staying yet haha. Joe
  9. Nova Gold or D Hotel

    Cheers appreciate the time you have taken to give me your thoughts. The rooms do look small and I like a balcony even just for drying off my towels or swimming shorts. Think I might just go for the D Hotel. Big pool,rooms and in a quiet Soi. Right on bhat bus route for Lk early in the morning for golf. Will get you a beer for your help on 13th of May.
  10. Nova Gold or D Hotel

    Lottelle, thanks for your feedback and thoughts. Yeah I will be on the crawl looking forward to meeting some of the BMs and have a few beers. Perthie party is on the 19th In SITC it's on the May thread. listen quick question the centaurs avenue I can get it for 14 nights in my budget. You confident it's best option for my stay location is spot on. It looks to good to be true.
  11. Right BMs, I just can't decide! I am coming in May and have yet to book my accommodation. Last trip I stayed in the Adelphi which was good however I want to try someplace else. A bit about me so you can make an informed choice.. 2nd trip to Pattaya my first was last August. I will play golf 5 or 6 times over my 14 night stay.Going to mix it up this time spent most of my time around LK Metro on last trip and had a smaller budget for each day. This trip 10k a day after golf and hotel,I didn't know about this forum before last trip. However this time not been off it so plan to move around areas each day,Soi 6,walking street,Soi 7 and 8 and many more. Hitting it Deano brawl crawl and going to Perthie party in SITC. Play my golf out of LK Metro will use bhat bus and motorbike taxi. Like a nice pool for after golf to cool down. Not it much else to say so.... Nova or D Hotel both priced very similar, anything under £375 for 14 nights. help!!!!!!! edit- I have seen the reviews on here of both. Just can't decide.
  12. Best 1,000THB hotel in town

    Just booked the Access Inn for May,14 nights in a superior room working out at just under 1000 bhat a day. It looks perfect for my needs near Lk Metro for the golf in the morning being as it's in third road top of Soi lengkee. It's classed as a boutique hotel however has a lift which is a bonus. No pool however for 100 bhat a day can use the pool in the hotel behind it. One hotel is prefect for one person and not for another,it's simply down to the persons needs and expectations. will do a full review when I stay in may.
  13. I'm staying at Access Inn this time. It seems perfect at the top of Soi Lengkee and you can you the pool in hotel behind it for 100 bhat. Have a look at it, I stayed at Adelphi last trip it was lovely and cheaper than the Areca. Takes about 10 minutes to walk to lk metro or motorbike taxi outside the hotel to it for 40 bhat. Lots of options in and around LK
  14. Best 1,000THB hotel in town

    A few people I know have stayed at the Haven and your review of it has shown it in good light. They have also had nothing but good things to say about the price 800 bhat and the cleanliness of the Haven. I nearly opted for it this trip but went for the Access Inn which I will do a full review on and post up. As you have said it's purely down to where about people want to be located,however the Nova Gold certainly seems value for money.