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  1. Yep go for the D Hotel you won't be disappointed! Or about 5 minute walk from there you have the August,April suites just on pattaya Klang. Both good for bhat buses routes 2-4 minute walk.
  2. Harrys Hotel Soi Diana

    I am 100% sure its guest friendly. Go on you tube and type in Cheap Charlie he done a review of the hotel and asks all the questions you have and got answers. He did it recently so you will find it easy enough. I would give u a link but at work.
  3. Wonderful mate just counting my £100 notes as we speak. Got plenty of them just don't want to spend them and crush this stereotype you have tarred my countrymen with.
  4. Hiya Pal, mind me your lovely non tight Scottish pal. Your such a racist,next you will be calling Irish stupid. You so don't care 555
  5. Brilliant stuff sa-teef hopefully you stick it up when you have time and not every single day. As I'm sure you don't want tied into another daily thread. Last time I seen the £ it was around 42 so good to see an extra 2 bhat for my £. What will I do with all that extra big money haha
  6. I agree stayed in D Hotel last trip and loved the location and facilities. booked April suites for next trip just to see what's on offer for the same money.
  7. April or August suites??

    Went in to the Areca lodge on last trip for a look around. Apart from location I didn't get a great feeling about it,no idea why.
  8. April or August suites??

    Cheers mate, August Suites seems a popular choice.
  9. Hey troops, I normal stay in the D Hotel on my past two trips and like it a lot. However this time I fancy a change, I mostly hang around Soi Diana,LK Metro,Soi 6 and MIT so was looking at the April hotel and August Suites as they are a short walk to bhat bus going North along Second road or south on Soi B or beach rd. Is the August suites worth the extra few pennies a night compared to the April hotel? It does look a bit better specifically the pool.. where exactly is the entrance I can't seem to find it on street view,is it directly across for the Aprils main doors? Any thought or answers would be greatly appreciated. Ta
  10. Review - D Hotel Soi Buakhao

    Vimto, your right I stayed in May and pool towels aren't provided. However I never had an issue with my LT or even my mate who was staying at Diana estate using the pool once. So I can confirm first hand it's not an issue. Only issue I had with gene pool is there is zero shade or even any umbrellas to put above your lounger. I got on really well with the girls at reception they where nice and helpful and they said there was umbrellas on order as lots of people feedback about this.
  11. D Hotel Pattaya

    I never had an issue with it once, good enough to stream You Tube and Netflix without any issues.
  12. D Hotel Pattaya

    I stayed in May and never ate in the hotel once so can't comment on it's food first hand. However a Norwegian guy was in reception and he had just had something to eat and told me it was decent.
  13. I stayed at the D Hotel in May and loved the place. Set back off Soi Buekow about 50 yards. Very quite,lovely pool and close to everything. dont hesitate mate book to D Hotel
  14. Nova Gold or D Hotel

    D Hotel does look basic that's what I thought but for £21 a night I'm well happy. Nova Gold rooms look spot on.
  15. Nova Gold or D Hotel

    Yep totally agree was showing my sister my hotel and she was gobsmacked by the standard of it for £21 a night