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  1. k1 Visa to US

    One other piece of unsolicited advice. Before your honey gets on a plane to come to the US, do the following: Consult an attorney in the state you live in. Divorce laws vary a lot state by state. With said attorney construct a prenup that excludes what you own already from any divorce settlement. That includes retirement income. Hire an attorney in your fiance's home country to review the prenup with her (without you being present) in her native language and have her sign it and have it notarized. I did all that and I am REALLY glad I did. And that is with regard to an amicable divorce. Never forget that love and sex are great, but marriage is nothing more than an economic contract.
  2. k1 Visa to US

    Guys - this is a politically neutral board. Please keep the politico bs down to a low roar. Personally, there are better boards than this one for understanding this type of info, but whatever. In any case, I once went through the US K1 Visa process with a Filipina. The Filipna lady became my wife and we spent 10 years together. We are separated now and discussing a divorce. No regrets and we are still friends. One can not fight time and hearts and minds they change. I did not use a service for the US K1 visa paperwork. I read the USCIS web site thoroughly and prepared all of the package myself. The wait time for a Filipina back then was one year. My understanding is that the Thai wait time is considerably less. What USCIS wants to see, at least back in the day, includes the following: Proof of ongoing communication. Phone bills showing calls if you have them are great. Proof that you have been together. Save your airplane info and hotel bills showing that you were in country. Fotos if you have them (clothes on is advisable) are also great. If you have any with you, her, and her family, those are absolute money. Absolutely not a hint of anything that could be considered prostitution in the eyes of a bunch of governmental admin perfunctory flunkies. I would not mention the Massage work in the job history info. I would also shy away from mentioning Pattaya, if possible. There are more, but those are the ones that come to mind right away. I will update more on this, if I notice any interest. btw - when my then fiancee and I went through US immigration, the agent asked who prepared the package. I said I did. He smiled and said this might be the best package I have ever seen. I do not do this for a living and have worked enough in this life time.
  3. Agreed. I looked at it and IMO it is pointed to persons under 50 who have a lot of money that they are willing to lock up. I am filing a first time O-A in October from the USA. I have been researching it for a while now and think I have things pretty well together. Hopefully, those are not famous last words. Did the medical blood tests the other day in the USA and it is good to know that I do not have Leprosy, Stage-3 Syphilis, TB, or Elephantiasis. Still learning how to spell the last one. The lab lady must have drawn 2 pints to feed all these tests.
  4. Thanks guys. That helps a lot.
  5. Hi - I am trying to understand if getting a retirement visa is the correct thing for me to do. I see a lot of valuable info in this section, but nothing that is answering my initial question. I am an American. I am 67 years old. I am not planning on moving to Thailand at this time, but am planning on longer visits that are likely to take me over the 90 days per one year limit. Is the retirement visa the right way to address this. I have download and read Non-immigrant Visa and additional "O-A" forms. What I am trying to achieve is the ability to exceed 90 days per year and also have multiple entries with that. Sorry, if I am being dense, but this is my first time looking into this. I meet the income requirements. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. CF
  6. Best Beach Hotel

    I stayed at the Rabbit Resort last March. It's a little pricey at 5500 Bhat (in season) for the Gold Cottage. It was my retirement celebration getaway, so I splurged a little. Basically, I found it very nice and quiet and it has an adults only pool. It is a bit of a hike from the road. The beach road over to Thappraya is the best walk at about 600 M. They do provide a car ride to the road, but it is unlikely to be waiting for you when you return. You can call for a pickup. The walk on the beach road is nice at night, but can be uncomfortable on a hot day. Here are a few pics. A Gold Cottage Room. The adult pool. The breakfast area. The grounds. I enjoyed it, but am going with a condo for my upcoming trip.
  7. Thanks - and to all others as well. Just to be a shithead, I have the highest Marriott status for life. I lived in the places for decades due to travel for work. I am retired now and the check in person often blinks, when they see my status and no recent stays. At this point in the game I am only capable of being discreet.
  8. Varies considerably by country. In general you could be denied entrance at the "walk of shame" checkpoint. Happened to me once in Santo Domingo at the Jaragua. The soi 4 property did not use to be friendly. I am talking back in 2002 or so. At least that is what I was told. In general, I have not used them often within Thailand because of this. Latin America, with the exception of the Copacabana property in Rio was without problems. Hong Kong seemed to be ok as well. I am not someone who walks a constant parade in and out. Too old for that now. I was just a little curious after I read that things were now different at the soi 4 location.
  9. I have stayed at this hotel before and it is really nice. As I have status with Marriott, I tend to get treated well. Last time I was there, I was with a traveling companion, so we just checked in together. I have noticed that the Marriott on soi 4 is now guest friendly. That was not true back in the day. I was wondering if anyone knows if the soi 57 location in Thonglor is also guest friendly. Not the biggest deal in the world, as I am only staying two nights before heading down to Jomtien, but it would be good to know.