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  1. The Pimp Pad - Pattaya

    Even in the hot months a high up beach front location is exposed to the sea winds. A few nights a week I used to go to Burger King in central festival and it has an outside eating area overlooking the beach a few floors up and every night the wind was intense! It would literally blow your food tray off the table if you didn't keep a hand on it. My gf used to think the place was going to fall down. So for that reason and with the many fully opening sliding doors in this room it would probably be very cool in there. Probably only need for aircon in the bedrooms. Looks a great place might book a night in here on my next trip with my mate and get a few girls round for a party. Is there a limit to the amount of guests you can take back?
  2. New Plaza Hotel

    Do you reccomend the place? I haven't stayed there I just heard a few people mention it.
  3. Alright lads I know this has probably been asked before and I know I've got the option to search on here and Internet but I'm looking for up to date reccomendations. Looking for serviced apartments or hotels with monthly rates in the Buakhao area for around the 18,000 a month mark. Can be cheaper can be a little dearer I'm open to suggestions. Needs to have balcony and preferably a pool but pool isn't massively important. Thanks in advance
  4. New Plaza Hotel

    Just looked at this place looks pretty decent for 16,000 a month although their site is a little dated... Great location I used to walk past this every day and wonder about staying here. if you're looking at serviced apartments in the same area at the similar price I've seen V&M Residence literally at the opposite of the top of new plaza on soi buakhao for 11,500 for a month that includes breakfast and cleaning twice a week. Has good reviews and location is spot on!
  5. Shit market for DJs in Pattaya mate. Got a much better shot at landing a DJ job on Koh phanghan and possibly Koh Tao too.
  6. Immigration rules are that you have to have a place of residence booked in advance. I have never been asked to provide proof of this personally and on my second trip I never booked in advance and was fine. But when I was speaking to a friend in a bar about me not booking in advance he said that he was once asked to provide proof of booking at immigration and was taken into a room and was basically forced to book his accommodation or be sent home. So it's probably a good idea to just book your first 2 days.
  7. August Suites / March Hotel

    I thought April Suites is OK there was just something about the place that I didn't like. Couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's the location. If this hotel was on Soi Buakhao then it would get a massive 10/10 from me.
  8. August Suites / March Hotel

    To be honest I think the rooms at April and march Suites are better than August Suites. Just the facilities and overall ambience and location of August Suites is far more superior!
  9. koh phi phi... where to stay??

    Viking Resort. Rustic bungalows with amazing views. Own stretch of sand you have to take a long tail boat to the action though (100b) but I fucking loved the little boat journey every evening to Tonsai. The food in the hotel restaurant is amongst the best I've had on the island. As it's low season and if you're looking for a bargain don't bother booking online. Wait till you get to phi phi and try some of the hotels close to the peir. Not a brilliant option as you're only there for a couple of days but there is bargains to be had this way. Everything on phi phi is just that little bit more expensive than the rest of Thailand, but there is a sort of mini food market behind the main strip of shops and restaurants. Here you can get real authentic Thai dishes for about 50 bhat a pop. Winner!
  10. Opey de Place

    Had a look round this place and viewed the poolside rooms. Proper shit hole. They had bars over the windows of the ground floor poolside rooms to stop previously reported thefts. Felt like a Spanish prison