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  1. I've always worked long hours all over the world on a contract basis and as such I always earned much more than the average UK salary. However, I made a point of not spending more than the average UK reasonable rather than very frugal. The result is that while I'm not mega rich I retired at 58, have a nice place and cars and toys, have enough cash to last me for the rest of my life and at the same time living good and healthy. But one thing you always need to remember.....keep healthy, all the money in the world will not make up for ill health. As an example I will quote the owner a well known Swiss watch company who a friend of mine worked for. He was very wealthy but ended up confined to a wheel chair. He always said he would give every cent he had to be able to walk again. Health then wealth.
  2. I postponed my visit and I'm coming now in November as plans stand at the moment. The construction question has been answered as per the above.
  3. 7 Display Mannequins 1,400 baht each

    Not 3 holers then.
  4. VT6 vs The Base

    I stayed in VT6 for a month and enjoyed it. I booked through Cond6 and thought they were very good. I've been looking to book my next trip and the prices I was quoted came out cheapest via Condo6.
  5. Barraquda on 2nd road was nice and no joining fees. They took the girls ID and when she left they called the room to see if all was okay before they returned the ID.
  6. I stayed in VT6 in March 2016 with a room on walking street side. Normally I stay in hotels for months on end with work so for me it was just a nice change and I want to do so again this year. Cost was 30K baht plus 4000 for water and electric.....not the cheapest maybe but the location was great and the room was quite nice.
  7. I was in Pattaya for a month March 2016. I stayed in VT6 which I thought was pretty good. Thinking about coming for a month again in March 2017 and would like to stay there again but not sure if the construction on the empty lot next door is underway or how noisy it is if it has started. Any info much appreciated.