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  1. Thanks bro useful info. I've been Thailand 10 plus times never needed to show a return ticket yet? Philippines though EVERY TIME I had to have a flight out
  2. Cheers for the info yeah it maybe worth walking around for a condo, will see how these guest houses suit. So far i've been in a backpackers hostel getting massages, not bad actually.
  3. Yeah, Travel is my life, I live outside UK, work online, wherever I am, that's my current home. My budget is not the usual 2 week holiday hotel budget so most the decent Air Bnbs are already taken at my budget. I have several options to try though all from this thread all with in walking distance, will check them out tomorrow. They're all Guest Houses.
  4. Appreciated will paste this info thanks
  5. Air BnB condo's are mainly taken, not sure how to find condos easily without walking around and asking prices etc. Be good to know a trustworthy website on a weekly basis. Ah, this is new to me also about Guest Houses, they all seemed to have a reception, when I have seen them, when walking past.
  6. Thanks bro will take a look
  7. UK citizen here just wandering if it's possible to renew after my initial 30 day on arrival expires (before ti expires obviously) And am i going to be left with a big fat 'Pattaya' stamp on my passport or can this be kept to a 'what happens in Pattaya stays in Pattaya'?
  8. I ended up staying in a hotel once in Boracay my mate found and there was no reception there, liked feeling like a local. I know it's pretty relaxed anyway but as long as there is a safe in the room and the girl is from a legitimate place I don't mind having no reception to walk past every night. Beers on me if you know of any places;
  9. I'm looking for a place, 10 days to begin with. Ideally without 24 reception and security. I prefer the feel of my own 'normal' place when bringing many girls back. I don't care as much as I used to but there's still some averse feelings of it being so obvious I'm fucking loads of girls. What kind of rooms do you have bro?