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  1. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    About 30 mins ago, my buddy and I decided to splurge a bit more than we initially agreed on, and just booked Page 10. Heard a lot of good things about the place. 2 week millionairres this trip I guess. hah. Thanks all for your suggestions, i'll keep them in mind for my next trip... likely in March.
  2. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    I actually spoke with them directly, and it ends up that this is just a regular Standard Room. Likely discounted for the reason you stated.
  3. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    whaaaaaat? think i'll be shooting them off an email in the morning. haha. awesome. thanks man! nice, whens your trip?
  4. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    perfect. was probably just a one off or something. or a picky reviewer.
  5. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    good info! offhand, any idea how many baht the top level room was?
  6. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    sorry - I meant that I read they put too much chlorine in the pool, which isn't a good thing. you just talked me 100% out of pool access with the 8am children comment. hahahah. who the hell brings children to pattaya anyways
  7. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    Thanks, i'll try to find some of his reviews. ahh... okay, so it's the 247 that has shared pool, if I stay at one of the others? at the baybreeze, is that the regular suite (ie - not jr) ? I was looking at that, looked really nice.
  8. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    hahaha. that sucks! the pool was okay though? I read a few reviews about the pool being overchloronated. either way, I prob wouldn't do pool access. I prefer to be on higher floors due to usually less bugs.
  9. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    good location for sure, pretty much what I'm looking for. I'm going with a buddy this time, and he's on a tighter budget than me, so he's trying to save every dollar he can, but I'm gonna run it by him. it's not much more than the others I was looking at. thanks for the suggestion
  10. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    Maytara looks pretty good actually. I'm assuming it's girl friendly? no joiners fee? I see one that says deluxe w/ balcony and one that says deluxe with pool access. Any idea if that just means pool view? I'd assume everybody that stays has access to the pool....
  11. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    ya, I don't need anything fancy. Bay Breeze was perfect for what I'm looking for, though the bed's were ridiculously hard. 247, I wouldn't mind staying at, but the balcony's don't even have room for a table or chair. :( I'll take a look at Maytara! Thanks!
  12. I have my next trip coming up at the end of Nov. Unfortunately for me, I didn't book a room right away at the Baybreeze, which I really like, and all the deluxe with balcony's are now gone. I like the street, so want to stay on soi honey.... has anybody stayed at both the honey inn and H Boutique? Which one do you prefer? Is there a pool in one of these? For some reason, I thought one of these places had a pool, and you were able to use it, regardless of what hotel you were in... maybe I'm thinking of another place. I'm also open to any other suggestions right around that exact area. LK Metro \ Soi Buakhao would be fine .. but I'd ideally like to be closer to 2nd road. in the 10\11\12 area. For what it's worth, I'm looking for something with the following: - around the same price point (1000-1500baht) - Decent size room with a balcony (table\chairs preferably) - In room safe - Swimming pool (if possible, not a dealbreaker, as I'd probably rarely use it) - Obviously, Girl Friendly If you have any suggestions, it'd be much appreciated! thanks!
  13. Chiang Mai - Love CNX

    Nice. I was just trying to google where all the nicest temples are. thanks for the info, much appreciated. Temples are definitely on the list. And a reputable (non abusive) elephant sanctuary. other than that, I don't know what else to do there. I did read a bit on lonely planet, but didn't have the time to go through it all.
  14. Chiang Mai - Love CNX

    hah. ya, I wasn't expecting the quality and quantity of Patt's. Mostly there to do something other than BG's. hahah. I hear nothing but good things about CM, so figured it's time I check it out.
  15. Chiang Mai - Love CNX

    awesome info! thanks much. Love_to_eat_Thai - sorry for derailing your thread!