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  1. I just checked again it says non refundable and you have to pay everything upfront. Booked D Hotel for now, will be staying there unless I find something better closer to second road.
  2. Booked flights already but I have the option to change the dates by paying some extra fees. If I book April suites and change dates all of the money will be gone. Thanks for the suggestions guys. D Hotel seems to be a good suggestion and has booking that can be cancelled. D express is a bit more far away from second and beach road. Any other hotels in that location that can be booked and cancelled? Its ok if I lose some money like the first days rent. But not ok if all the money is gone.
  3. Hi, I have checked out most of the hotels. April Suites is within budget and seems to be extremely good. But it seems to be you cant pay later and its not cancel-able. I would like a similar hotel which can be cancelled since the actual date of travel could change.
  4. Petals inn

    Never had heard of dawin but just checked in agoda the price is way too high for my budget. [email protected] was the second choice but I think I will just go ahead with petals. Otherwise there is parkway inn to choose from in that location for that kind of budget but that seems too old.
  5. Petals inn

    Ok great thanks for the info guys. The low ceiling is the only thing that I'm worried about. Apart from that I think everything else looks great. Saw one youtube video and rooms look really clean and seems like the hotel has not aged much.
  6. Hi, Anyone stayed there? How was your experience? Is it guest friendly? Also going by the reviews in agoda it seem to have ceiling that's short. Im around 6ft.
  7. Nova is more costly than red planet. I'm looking for a budget hotel
  8. Thanks guys I stayed in red planet and it was great (see video below). Its next to honey 2 and other soapies. I wanted to book for my next trip and this location is not so good wanted to be more close to the walking street end. How is walking street guest house? Just wanted to see if anyone stayed in their smallest room and how good it is. Its dirt cheap.
  9. Thanks. Queen pattaya seems good same price as red planet. I also found sureena hotel from it has OK reviews and the price is dirt cheap. Its in soi 13/2.
  10. I'm ok if its on the second road as well as I can see its walking distance to beach road. Any specific hotels you guys want to recommend at this price range? Most of which that go for less seem to have some problem. I dont want to be on top floor of a five storey hotel without an elevator.
  11. Hi, Its my first time in Pattaya this April and will be staying for a week. Not really sure what I'm going to enjoy the most, so cant pick an exact location but I think its mostly going to be around beach road. These are the hotels that I have researched so far: Sawasdee sea view - ~700TBH : Reviews say its a old and dated hotel. But very close to beach road action and well within my budget. Red Planet - ~900 TBH: Close to Soi 6. But kind of far from beach road? Can I easily find transportation from beach road to here in wee hours? Are there any other hotels that are similar in pricing and close to beach road? On most of the hotels near the beach road are priced way too high (> 1500TBH)