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  1. Glad I read this thread. This project was on my short list. I must check if the agent that offered it to me is still listing it.
  2. As I have been researching the market for nearly 6 months now, I find that encouraging.....but is it true? Are there any article/reports to that effect? Given the many negative comments I have read about the standard of maintenance in some condos, it would be reassuring to know that even if the building becomes uninhabitable you stand a chance of recovering your original investment.
  3. Thanks for the response. From what I have read and the feedback I'm getting, it seems tenants are hard to find. I would have thought you would be OK at Water Park given the location and the facilities. Good luck.
  4. If I had already decided, I wouldn't be asking all these questions. Thanks anyway, your feedback has been valuable.
  5. Really, where would you suggest? Best I can hope for in Australia is around 4% return. From the research I have done so far, returns in the neighborhood of 7-10% seem achievable in Pattaya....obviously assuming you can find a tenant.
  6. Thanks. I had already read that thread a few days ago and it is probably the reason for my increased caution. Yes, my plan for the short term is to buy a condo suitable for holiday letting which I would use 3-4 time a year and give it to an agent or list myself on Airbnb (or similar) for the times that I am not there. In addition to that, in the short to medium term I would buy another 2-3 units to rent out. From what you say, this might not be a great idea. How do I identify a "shyster" agent?
  7. All of the properties on my short list meet my requirements, but as a first time buyer in Thailand, I guess I dont understand what the risks are. Obviously paying too much is a risk, but I think I can deal with that one. Buying property in my country is fairly straightforward. There is generally nothing hidden...what you see is what you get. Can you give me an idea of any risks I should be on the lookout for.
  8. As a multiple owner, do you mind if I ask for some advice? Do you think the best deals can be had from new completed condos, either from the developer or resales, or would it be better looking at 2-3 year old properties.
  9. As a multiple owner, do you mind if I ask for some advice? Do you think the best deals can be had from new completed condos, either from the developer or resales, or would it be better looking at 2-3 year old properties.
  10. Do you know of any at the better end of the scale that you could recommend......albeit with reservations.
  11. You mention " only having a few short term renters". Is your unit being managed by Heights Holdings or are you doing it yourself? If I go ahead with a purchase at Water Park, I was planning to use an outside management company to handle short term holiday rentals. However I would be interested to hear how you are progressing with Heights....assuming they are handling it for you.
  12. Really? Are there no reputable agents in Pattaya? I have met a few and confess I have mixed feelings. As for lawyers, in my experience, they are the same be avoided at all costs.
  13. Thanks. When you refer to "well managed buildings" having a negotiated rate, would this be something set up initially by the developers or is it something that may evolve later through a well organised committee?
  14. Whilst not specifically related to my original enquiry about Water Park, could anybody tell me how building insurance works in Thailand. Is it covered by the monthly maintenance fee? And another totally unrelated question. Does anybody have dealings with New Nordic Group? Apart from their own promotional material, I'm not finding a lot of good press about them.
  15. All of these comments are really helpful. As a newcomer I am certainly finding the Pattaya property market a bit of a minefield, but at the same time would appear to be a buyers market at present. The problem is sorting out the "too good to be true" deals from legitimate fair offers.