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  1. Thanks Piero, you're awesome
  2. That's a good question, I assumed in multi-entries ... but assuming is bad so let's find that out!
  3. Xylanix, I sent a message few days ago that remain unanswered ... And just wondering if that email working fine?
  4. all right, thanks
  5. Ambassador, Royal Cliff, The Zign ... Awesome! Davidge: What website does that screenshot comes from? Thanks
  6. Not just central but the whole Pattaya area, thanks
  7. In terms of # of rooms available . .. who are the top 3 biggest hotels in town?
  8. http://progresspattaya.com Cost 22,900 THB for 1 year ED Visa and will get 200 hours Thai language course.
  9. Here's an up-to-date info I received from Sandee When the Thai government changed, so as their rules and regulations. Which means that all the schools in Thailand, were required to change licenses and therefore shorten the courses. We are no longer allowed to offer a 1 year program, instead they asked us to shorten it.What we offer now are the following:13,000 THB per LEVEL of Thai Language Course.Level 1 = 7 months and 2 weeksLevel 2 = 9 months and 2 weeksLevel 3 = 12 monthsHowever, firstly you need to start with LEVEL 1.Classes are 4x per week, 2 hours per day.Attendance is a MUST to keep your ED Visa status valid and for you to be able to extend every 3 months without any problems. However, if you want a more flexible schedule, there is an option of paying more for your extensions to the Immigration Office so they will not bother checking your attendance.Extra Fees for Visa Application and Extensions:1. DHL fee to send the documents to Canada = 1,900 THB (if applicable)2. Visa application fee at the Thai Embassy in Canada = around 2,000 THB3. Extension fees = 1,900.00 THB or 5,200 THB/each extension (at Jomtien Immigration Office)1,900.00 THB = strict attendance5,200.00 THB = flexible attendanceIf you don't want to apply for your ED Visa in Canada and really need to be in Thailand by April then you may enter Thailand on a 30-day visa exemption (from the airport), that's also a possibility however you need to immediately register to school so that we can submit your application right away to the Ministry of Education (MOE). It will take them more or less 3 to 4 weeks to process it. If your 30-day is almost up and we still haven't heard from MOE, you are allowed to extend your 30-day visa exemption at Jomtien Immigration Office. You just have to pay them 1,900 THB to extend for a month.I'm definitely sure that by the time your 30-day visa extension is up, we already heard from MOE. When we finally receive the approval letter from them, that's the time we will contact you through phone or email to confirm the date that you will apply for your ED Visa at the Royal Thai Embassy in Vientiane, Laos. After confirming the date, please allow about 3 to 5 working days for us to prepare the rest of the school documents before you may collect them.Extra Fees for Visa Application and Extensions:1. Laos Visa on Arrival = 1,550 THB2. Visa application fee at the Thai Embassy in Vientiane, Laos = 2,000 THB3. Extension fees = 1,900.00 THB or 5,200 THB/each extension (at Jomtien Immigration Office)1,900.00 THB = strict attendance5,200.00 THB = flexible attendancePlease note that initially at the border/airport, you will be given a 90-day Non ED stamp and before this ends you need to extend your visa at Jomtien Immigration Office every 3 months.As soon as you obtain the NON-ED visa and arrive Thailand, you need to report immediately back to school because we need to copy your passport with the NON- ED visa sticker and entry stamps as we will submit it to the Ministry of Education to request for your extension documents later on. Hoping that could help someone
  10. In Pattaya yes, we're on a Pattaya website huh! I also found http://progresspattaya.com Thanks Bert, I'll look at those ...
  11. Hi, just spent an hour looking for proper information on the subject and there's so many different opinions out there, I'm confused now with what I discovered here Can someone please recommend a school to study the Thai language and be visa exemption for 1 year? A website URL won't be a luxury ... thanks so much