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  1. Passport Title

    I bumped on someone on another forum who posted the following info, with a different take about ID's, etc..any thoughts? " A Thai ID card from date of issue runs for 6 years until it’s expiry date. If the person was single on the first card, she can follow this through on all consecutive cards if she does not inform them at the Amphur office that she is married as no one does any checks. It is up to the ID card holder to submit details of marriage when renewing the card, not an automatic process completed by the Amphur to obtain a marriage certificate. Same with Thai passports, the holder by law (female) should disclosed new married surname, but again, no one checks if she fails to do so" I also read that in Thai+Thai marriages many Thais only go through the ceremonial part with the monks, and that does not constitute a legal marriage. So a husband is not a legal spouse here as the official registration is never made. It is up to her and him if they consider themselves married. Any truth into that?
  2. Passport Title

    I give for granted that case would be a lot more serious than only changing a title on a "spare" ID you could get. Maybe a 16/17 yo who could pass off as slightly older could do it to gain access to the "freelance" discos, if she's FL.
  3. Passport Title

    I saw it myself when I was there, driving licenses were available if I remember correctly, and this is another form of ID, hence my question.
  4. Passport Title

    I don't really, ID's are more widely used in Thailand, I understand that. I am happy to replace the word Passport for ID in my original question. But read my post above.
  5. Passport Title

    But is it possible to forge your ID and change your status, going to one of those street vendors that offer you fake documents for 1000 BHTS?
  6. Passport Title

    I wasn't aware they also have ID cards...but yes the question would be directed on both documents.
  7. Passport Title

    So you are saying that it doesn't need to be changed then. Just to be clear on that I know Thailand is corrupt but don't know to what lengths.
  8. Hi guys, if a woman is married in Thailand, how does it show on her passport, "Mrs", or could it show "Miss"? Is this good evidence of marriage?
  9. Hotel room with jacuzzi

    Browse through this very thread from the start and you will have some examples with pictures. For really big jacuzzis, expect to pay top dollar though, a lot more than your budget. However someone suggested a hotel on page 2 that may suit you.
  10. Thanks for your answers guys.. oh well you know it's those informative ramblings I enjoy reading! Nothing like the school of experience
  11. Thanks for the reply. What is 20 kw like?, I hope it's not a gimmick ...
  12. Hi, I just read on the terms of a booking that: " Electricity use is limited to 20 kw per day for one bedroom units. Additional charges will be applied to electricity consumption that exceeds this limit at 6 THB per unit and will be payable upon departure." So I wonder just how I could keep track of that, do the rooms have meters?
  13. Hotel room with jacuzzi

    Received. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Hotel room with jacuzzi

    It may be a hidden gem cause I don't see it advertised through either Airbnb or Agoda. Do you think one is able to obtain a discounted price through these sources, rather than via the main site? On the latter, they only offer it by months, and I need it only 3 weeks. Damn it.
  15. Hotel room with jacuzzi

    is this also at the Renaissance?