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  1. Were you wearing em ..,
  2. I have decided to go to Cambodia by flight for 3 days on 21st of January after arriving in Bangkok on 22nd of December , going back to Ireland on 25 th of february . All I need is a passport , flight flight ticket to PP , €30 for Cambodia visa , and bob's my uncle .
  3. I would like to visit Singapore sometime in January , my Thai lady friend wants to come with me . Only for three or four days . I have heard the custom giving a hard time to the Thai ladies. My friend , a Thai lady , came alone to meet her friends but refused entry because she did not have sufficent money to fund herself on holidays . Do any of you or your friends have any experience in this situations. For those who never have been in Singapore or never heard from anyone who had been in this situations , don't bother to post your comment . Thank you . EU passport is easy to enter for 30 days , how easy for a Thai ?? Advice would be appreciated .. Thank you .
  4. Very true , I had a Thai friend turned down at Singapore airport because she had not brought enough money to fund herself for holidays . She told them that her boyfriend is waiting at arrival lobby . Talked to him but rejected . Very strict out there if she comes alone . Better chance if come together as a couple .
  5. Probably he want us to be aware that his incident had not been resolved yet ... ( you beat me to it Tarl with your latest post )
  6. With your bad experience , I will never stay at that hotel . Thanks for the warning and hope it will never happen to you ever again .
  7. Yeah , Tipp looks like they will win the all Ireland's for few years with the brilliant young players they have got . We Deise hates the cats , lol .... There was four Deise drinking at the table in Spain or Portugal when England was playing in the Euro , BBC or ITV man came over to the table asking if they hope England to beat Portugal , the Deise man replied , the only one I want England to beat is Kilkenny ... Lol
  8. Had my two Blaa this morning .... The only city in the world produces it .. Lol . Hopefully the Deise will win the all Ireland next year or so . Tired of waiting , last time they won in 1959 , I was born in 1960 . Need to win one before I passed away .. 5555
  9. You will get another 30 days visa .... Happy days .
  10. Over 50 mate ... Anyway , bit silly to hire an agent for 25,000 bt . I know a German charging my former tenant for 25,000 bt everytime because he don't have the 800,000 in the bank .. He had no choice to hire an agent.
  11. stayed there before long ago , the Aussie used to own this bar , he made that name , the Armageddon . Remembered the Alligator in the water filled glass box , I stared at him for few minutes then he crashed toward my eyes ...lol luckily the glass window was thick . A very good location for business . Enjoyed the stay there ( 2 weeks) .. Good luck with the sale .
  12. What goes down will always comes up .... I think the pound will recover strongly when the storming seas getting calm . UK will have a better chance than the EU to recover in economic sense . I cannot see the EU will ever recover with so many economic ruins in most countries of EU . UK will have many new trade deals with US , China and other counterparts . EU and UK will have a big battle in trade ahead of them in years to come .
  13. I always have a parachute beside me just in case ... .. ( but nothing for the guest )
  14. I really likes Paradiso Hotel Soi 10 , looked small outside but excellent in room