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  1. Hi, I am looking for some information for a friend. Today I went to Liverpool city centre to the Thai embassy with a friend (over 65 and retired) to get his visa for his upcoming 5 month trip that he has done every year for the last 6 years. He usually get a 12 month multi entry visa that allows him a 90 day stay before he must do a visa run to get another 90 days to cover the rest of his stay. He was informed that this visa is no longer available and the most he can have is a 90 Day visa which he can apparently extend in the visa place in Jomtien. If he can extend this for another 30 days then it will still leave him a month short and will have to leave by air to get another 30 days to make this up to the 5 months he needs for his trip. I would be very greatful if any board members know any information that will help him regarding his visa situation as the Thai embassy are unsure if you can even extend this 90 day visa. Why do they make it so hard for us legitimate visitors to have an extended stay in the kingdom? Any replies greatly appreciated. Thanks Joey69
  2. I usually stay in the NP residence close to the new plaza but if I have the odd day feeling hungover or sick it's way too loud to sleep with all the bars in close proximity. I was wondering about staying in the D apartments next time I'm over so what's your opinion on them? Do the have shower or wet room?
  3. The article is interesting....'and the two Thai men who were questioned refused to give DNA samples and were released.' I saw the awful pictures of those two people after they had been murdered. They made me sick to the stomach that a human being can do this to another. I would never go to these full moon parties....I'm well to old for that but I know quite a few people who have been and have been robbed or involved in fights. Saying this though I live in the UK and at least 5 people have been murdered in the last week in my city so this world is now a dangerous place no matter where you go Just don't get into any situations in Thailand involving Thai men or women as you know it can end badly... Keep safe everyone and RIP those two young tourists and hope the killer/s are caught soon.
  4. Stayed there from 4th December to 31st December....paid 15000...was the first Person in the room. Nice room with safe and wifi....deposit was 15000 also (very steep) but water and elec was less than 1500 for the 28 days. They have dropped their deposit now to 7000 for a monthly stay. Price per night is 1100 bht. Staying there again from 4th may for 2 weeks paying the nightly rate. I know it's a bit expensive but in my opinion it's pretty safe as you need a pass card to enter the lift of stairs as it has a security door and its central. Used to stay in the VM Terrace just around the corner on soi bukhaow but I find this place now old and dated compared to the newer np residence....
  5. My friends are training at Fairtex Muay Thai Pattaya, supposed to be good thou!
  6. Is that hotel girl friendly? Do u have to pay a fee?
  7. I'm not sure but will find out for you...I'll just be there for the ladies thou!
  8. Hi, I'm off to pattaya again for the second time this year. I'm going with some friends who are not going for the ladies but to train in a muay Thai camp for a week. One mate is going with his son who is 8 years old and is also training. I usually stay in the V&M terrace in soi buokhow Which is fine by me but they would rather stay in a nicer hotel but in pretty much the same area. It's got to be safe and girl friendly as I will be entertaining a lady or 2 in my short stay there.....any suggestions?
  9. Hi.. Stayed in queen vic soi 6 downstairs... in room...good big size rooms from 800-900 bht per night, girl friendly. well recommended plus girls girls girls right on your doorstep. Regards Joe
  10. Hi.. Queen vic pattaya m8...excellent rooms...even the 800 bht/night have safe , dvd , plasma TV , nicw shower and bath...nice food and staff also..and right on soi 6...stayed there many times... joe Queen vic
  11. I just been to their website...they say standard rooms dont have a like fritzels austrian dungeon?? No seriously need a guest house within walking distance of Bangla Rd as gonna be staying there for 6 night from 17th February....anything similar to Queen Vic in Pattaya?? max 800 bht a night and must be girl friendly...any Ideas?? Cheers Joe