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  2. Use Agoda and Trip Advisor websites as great resources, bro. First go to Agoda and type in Bangkok and dates you want to stay. You'll get thousands of hits for Bangkok properties, so click on the small Google map inset on the upper left. As a newbie, I'd recommend staying in any hotels between Nana and Asok BTS stations on Sukhumvit road. It's easy access to the train to go elsewhere, it's close to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, and plenty of shops, malls, and eateries up and down that stretch of road. In fact whenever I stay in Bangkok that's my favored area to stay in. Once you narrowed down some hotels, then go to Trip Advisor to find better and more detailed reviews of the properties to help your decision. Good luck.
  3. Some info on here Keep in mind that it is technically illegal for people to offer rentals of their condo/apartment rooms via Airbnb unless rooms/property properly registered and all that legality mumbo jumbo is taken care of. The place I stayed even had posted signs on the elevator prohibiting such things, and to report anyone engaging in such activities. That said, it's just yet another one of those things in Pattaya (thankfully) where it seems most people don't really care and continue to offer their rooms for rent. I didn't put too much thought into it and had a fine stay on my trip. Didn't have any fresh towels every few days as mentioned above. They did provide a few towels but it was up to me to clean the towels/bed sheets using the condo's laundry machine. I prepaid using credit card, and had zero problems with the room, the host, or the quality of the room (everything was great).
  4. Bro, if you are truly serious about working in Thailand, you need to do a lot more research than asking questions on a forum message board. Perhaps you think finding a job in Thailand is as easy as finding a help wanted sign in a store? There's many things to consider, just do your research if you are serious about a legitimate job done the right way. Working in Thailand
  5. Not sure if and how many of these will be coming to Thailand but seems like a good concept. Accurately and quickly changes 13 foreign currencies including US dollar into Thai baht. The thing is though, such units could actually be a lot slower than using live money exchange booths. I can see people who have never used such units before, holding up a long line as they try to figure out the unit, slowly pull out and count their money they want to change, slowly put it in the unit, etc. etc. etc.
  6. This should've been in the main barstool section for dramatic effect! Anyways, unfortunately these things happen. I've never had anything stolen from my hotel safe or room in all my years of Thailand trips. I leave money in the safe or locked in my suitcase (I have a hard shell style suitcase with 'clamps' and not zipper). I bought a pacsafe years ago and only used it once, was overkill for me.
  7. Prices seem cheaper than when it was Marriott? I might consider staying there next time. The location is ideal for my requirements. I don't participate in hotel rewards programs much so that doesn't influence me.
  8. I agree, they've done as much as they can. The scammers will always find a way through the cracks, unfortunately not much can be done about it.
  9. That's true but I can only guess that he tends to highlight only the restaurants that he felt was good. This way viewers know which ones to specifically go to. It's also part of his routine because he likes to show those facial expressions. There was one time though where he wasn't thrilled 100% with his meal:
  10. Yes some people find his food reactions annoying, but I find it hilarious.
  11. His name is familiar with some Youtube viewers here I'm sure, but one of my favorite vloggers is Mark Weins. If people see want to see a professional vlogger that is an expert at his craft, producing high quality videos that really capture the interest of viewers, I highly recommend Mark's videos. Not only does he make the food look good, but he's great at capturing the vibrancy of the cities he visits, and his reactions when having a foodgasm is priceless. Mark is a food blogger/vlogger, who goes around the world documenting local eats. His wife is from Thailand, so he does film there from time to time. His latest video:
  12. Unfortunately, even if you get that slip of paper, that's no guarantee the individual driver won't try to pull a fast one on you, as happened to me over a year ago on my visit to Bangkok. The driver tried to not use the meter, but after several minutes of arguing, he finally relented.
  13. I honestly feel too many guys are wanting to become the next Pattaya video superstar or something, and they all do the same thing, creepily stealth film up and down soi 6. Sometimes they set up a camera to film girls in front of a bar from across, without them being aware. Lots of guys get filmed too. I like Geoff Carter or Kev because at least they show their faces, and don't do the creepy stuff.
  14. On my first solo trip to Pattaya mixed it up but no more. Like OP says way too much stress over unpacking/repacking and moving around with luggage. I'm there on vacation not stress over things like that.
  15. The other thread was locked as it predictably degenerated (as per usual) into name calling, posturing, etc