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  1. Bugs in hotel rooms

    No thank god I have never experienced bed bugs in any hotels throughout Thailand. I must have lucked out. The bugs I refer to are ants, and they are a little different from the ones in my neck of the woods back home. The Pattaya hotel ants seem to be smaller and lighter shaded, and much quicker than their American counterparts. Off the top of my head I remember my room at the VT 6 condo and Privi Suites had ants, and Lido Beach hotel had a huge dead roach one time in the bathroom.
  2. Sea me spring tree

    Stayed there last trip bro, excellent stay. Nice rooms with nice view on upper floor. Laundry right next door practically in a small shop. Walking distance to all the local hang outs like Central Festival, Royal Garden, Avenue, etc. Reception didn't check my girl's ID in my case.
  3. Bugs in hotel rooms

    One of the things I buy at 7-11 when I first arrive in Pattaya is a can of bug spray, because several hotels I've stayed at had ants in the rooms. Better to be prepared than wake up in middle of night with ants crawling all over you.
  4. This forum is no stranger to guys who always talk about the foolishness of guys who fall in love with these 'whores,' yet there will inevitably come a time when that one bargirl on a trip just happens to tick all of your boxes. Then, despite all of the horror stories read and previous convictions about never falling for the games of these Thai prostitutes, the little head below takes over and the heart thinks it's 'love.' There have been forum members who mocked me for describing how the intimacy involved with these bargirls convince us that the girl really 'loves' us. Yet, these same forum members later sheepishly create their own threads asking for advice and help because they, too, happened to fall in love with a bargirl (hypocrites). I know it is always easy to judge these things from afar, when we are thousands of miles away in our home countries and not trawling the bars and gogos of Thailand. Of course in this state, we are clear headed and not clouded by any emotional connection to a barfine. Very, very easy to cast judgement on others in this mindset. However, it's another matter entirely when we are in Pattaya. I consider myself a Pattaya veteran, know ALL the tricks and trades of these girls, yet fell hard for a girl on last trip that I only barfined 3 times. Before this girl, it was 4 years since I last fell hard for a bargirl, and after that nasty experience, I'm pretty sure I swore off trying to find a girlfriend from a gogo/bar. In fact I developed my own methods of distancing myself from future barfines to protect myself emotionally. Always do short times. Never discuss barfining a girl again after the barfine is over. Never exchange any personal contact info (facebook, LINE, etc.). Be very GFE intimate in bed sexually, but not so much outside of the bed. Expect the minimum of effort from bargirls, and expect the worst. So when a bargirl comes along and does things with you that you never thought possible with any prostitute, and that bargirl seems to give all of herself to you, her body, her emotions, it really does mess with your mind, and would make even the most hardened, cynic, and bitter Pattaya veteran start to feel pangs of 'love' yet again. When I read the account of many guys on this forum who have fallen for a bargirl, the girls in their situation don't seem to have given even 50 percent of the 'take care' service and intimacy that the girl in my situation did, and still these guys fell hard for their girls. If it happened to me, it CAN and WILL happen to any guy out there.
  5. Pattaya The MOVIE?

    I wonder if it's this one
  6. Pattaya The MOVIE?

    Yes my computer almost shut down. Is there another link?
  7. I haven't seen anyone ask this in a long time, but does anyone out there actually visit Pattaya these days without prior hotel/guest house reservations (walk ins and not using agoda, direct booking, etc.)? I'm talking more about the bigger hotels and not the smaller guesthouses especially those owned/managed by forum members here, those seem to be pretty reliable and honest. Reason why I ask is, I never have in all my trips, because I never trust that the hotels will give me the same price as what is listed on sites like agoda. Never mind not knowing if there would be rooms available. In planning an upcoming trip, I booked my stay using agoda. However, I wanted to add one additional day, so I contacted agoda customer service to relay my request to the hotel. The hotel said they could add an additional day, and when I checked the price, they were going to charge me 100 dollars over the price of what the room normally goes for per night. I said no thanks and canceled the booking. So went back to agoda, checked the price and availability for my new dates at the same hotel, and got the standard room rate for each night.
  8. Which Youtube channels do you watch

    I rarely watch any exclusive Thailand/Pattaya vloggers. You seen one, you seen them all. Only so much you can watch about people walking up and down this soi, up and down that soi. My favorite youtube channels (for entertainment purposes mostly): Durianrider Athlean X, THE single greatest resource on exercise science (NOT bro science) Dark 5, top 5 lists of various weird or unusual phenomena
  9. Not sure if this link has been posted before, but I like this website and it's a good resource for finding out whether a hotel is guest friendly or not. It's nice that they also have pictures of the rooms. Guest Friendly Hotels Pattaya
  10. Airbnb....any info?
  11. Use Agoda and Trip Advisor websites as great resources, bro. First go to Agoda and type in Bangkok and dates you want to stay. You'll get thousands of hits for Bangkok properties, so click on the small Google map inset on the upper left. As a newbie, I'd recommend staying in any hotels between Nana and Asok BTS stations on Sukhumvit road. It's easy access to the train to go elsewhere, it's close to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, and plenty of shops, malls, and eateries up and down that stretch of road. In fact whenever I stay in Bangkok that's my favored area to stay in. Once you narrowed down some hotels, then go to Trip Advisor to find better and more detailed reviews of the properties to help your decision. Good luck.
  12. Airbnb....any info?

    Some info on here Keep in mind that it is technically illegal for people to offer rentals of their condo/apartment rooms via Airbnb unless rooms/property properly registered and all that legality mumbo jumbo is taken care of. The place I stayed even had posted signs on the elevator prohibiting such things, and to report anyone engaging in such activities. That said, it's just yet another one of those things in Pattaya (thankfully) where it seems most people don't really care and continue to offer their rooms for rent. I didn't put too much thought into it and had a fine stay on my trip. Didn't have any fresh towels every few days as mentioned above. They did provide a few towels but it was up to me to clean the towels/bed sheets using the condo's laundry machine. I prepaid using credit card, and had zero problems with the room, the host, or the quality of the room (everything was great).
  13. Bro, if you are truly serious about working in Thailand, you need to do a lot more research than asking questions on a forum message board. Perhaps you think finding a job in Thailand is as easy as finding a help wanted sign in a store? There's many things to consider, just do your research if you are serious about a legitimate job done the right way. Working in Thailand
  14. Not sure if and how many of these will be coming to Thailand but seems like a good concept. Accurately and quickly changes 13 foreign currencies including US dollar into Thai baht. The thing is though, such units could actually be a lot slower than using live money exchange booths. I can see people who have never used such units before, holding up a long line as they try to figure out the unit, slowly pull out and count their money they want to change, slowly put it in the unit, etc. etc. etc.