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  1. The main issue with child applications is demonstrating sole responsibility - its a real issue if the mother has been separated for a long time.
  2. You will need to translate a copy of your passport . British first time passport applications
  3. UK visas will increase in line with Australia shortly.
  4. My opinion is that the elite visa is good value - i personally cannot see them cancelling it .
  5. UK Visa Information Thailand - วีซ่าอังกฤษ has 1123 members. UK immigration advise & assistance . Have any questions about how to apply for a visa feel to post it. We regularly update these pages with useful information. & blogs . We are also regulated by the OISC - Office of immigration services commissioner to give UK immigration advice. No other agent in Pattaya holds any formal registration/qualifications we also have a registered UK office & we also accept payments in the UK. We specialize in complex case matters such as : Leave to remain in the UK ( extensions of stay) Leave to enter the UK ( UK settlement & tourist visas ) UK appeals ( refused a UK visa ) Australian visa applications Translation services Thailand visa services Visit our face book page - click here UK Visa information - visit our Facebook group
  6. For most visa applicants, Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) is their last hurdle in their UK Settlement Visa process. After the Indefinite Leave to Remain is received there will be no further need to apply for extensions of stays (FLR) or any further visa applications. The applicant will also become eligible for UK citizenship and eventually a British Passport.Immigration policy in the UK is being reviewed constantly and new tighter controls are being implemented on a regular basis and many ILR applicants are concerned that their ILR application could be rejected. We hope with this brief outline of Indefinite Leave to Remain we may be able to give some insight and understanding of the subject before an application is submitted. Indefinite Leave to Remain – (ILR) UK Permanent Residence - read more Useful Links More reading – extension of stay in the UK Indefinite leave to remain Guidance Notes ILR Application Form Life in the UK Test (KOLL) CEFR English Language Requirement
  7. The ECO will take into account the applicants personal and economic circumstances in Thailand . And It is also their responsibility to satisfy them that they are a genuine visitor to the UK & they will depart at the end of their proposed stay. ​Adequate funds Accommodation And can meet the cost of the onward journey
  8. Official Thread:

    The ECO will expect to see that the applicant has assets & ties to Thailand, a genuine reason to return. Is the applicant employed Any previous immigration Any children Land & assets How old is the applicant Further guidance on UK tourist visa applications UK Visa information advice & assistance
  9. Scumbag -you often get confused, you even confused me previously with another agent. Are you a frustrated migration agent ? Feel free to edit any titles at your leisure we are far too busy thanks for your assistance.
  10. Well its obviously UK if you follow the link! Its pretty obvious to me - maybe not to you!
  11. Employment is seen as a reason to return.
  12. Its payable if your wife wishes to enter the UK to settle.
  13. immigration health surcharge - click here
  14. This can be transferred quite easily at immigration.