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  1. Walked by Areca lodge yesterday and pretty sure i saw them advertising 700.single and 900.double. That's a great deal considering shop house style guesthouses are asking similar prices.
  2. Stopped by ProLanguage on Pattaya Klang today. 90 hrs of class - 17,000 baht or 180 hrs of class - 25,000 baht + 5,000 baht every 3 months for immigration. Prolanguage assists with all documents. First step is get 1st approval letter from MOE. After MOE approval, have to go to a Thai embassy outside Thailand for ED Visa stamp. Prolanguage will then submit all docs to MOE to get second approval letter.
  3. Thanks Soi23. I do have a big bike, but visa runs would be my less preferred option.
  4. Hi, I'm 46 years old and currently on a METV, which is expiring in September. I am now looking at getting a Student Visa to stay for one more year. I don't want to be committed to taking classes though the whole time as I ride my motorcycle around Thailand from October to April. Can anybody recommend me a company that they use in Pattaya to obtain a Student Visa and what they paid. Is there a student visa available for muay thai classes, as this is an option that would interest me. Any other visa options for someone under 50 to stay for a year? Thanks
  5. Watch Tv From Back Home Free Box

    I'm interested!
  6. Hi Sirl, I'm staying north facing but considering moving to a south facing for the view. But I'm concerned about the noise from soi Diana. How noisy is it? Also, how hot do the rooms get with the sun shining on the south side all afternoon.
  7. Ya, it's definitely a soft market. I just wonder if The Base is the exception with the Chinese interest. I still like to be central so I can walk everywhere. But as you said, a lot of selection under 10k if I want to go out a little bit. But the extra 5k is worth it to me to be inside the core and with a gym and rooftop pool.
  8. Here's an article today from the Bangkok Post regarding the Chinese buying up property in Thailand. This is a main reason why I am interested in buying as the Chinese could very well drive the prices up in the most popular condos.
  9. Mine is a 12th floor outward facing towards Naklua. I like it as it is quiet for the most part and I don't have neighbours that can look in. The thing that I really miss the most is a proper balcony though and I would consider paying more for one of the few one bedrooms on a high floor with a bigger balcony. I verbally agreed to 3 months with the Owner end of February who I have rented before from. I was waiting on a possible job overseas so I didn't want to commit to a long term contract. The job didn't pan out so I will probably be here until November when I will head out on the motorcycle and travel around for 6 months.
  10. True there are lots of units, but I feel that I am getting a good deal at 15,000/m including internet for a month to month contract. Other units are asking 18k/m or more for a contract 6 months or less. And often they don't have a washing machine (mine does) and they charge extra for internet
  11. 3.5 million for a 2 bedroom seems a very good price. I looked at Hipflat and most seem to be asking over 100k per sqm. I agree that 70-80 k per sqm is more realistic I am most curious what they are actually selling for though.
  12. I am considering this but I am not so annoyed with her that I am ready to do this yet. I am getting a good deal here direct with the Owner. 15k/month including wifi and the contract is just month to month. If I wasn't getting what I think is a good deal, then I would definitely look at moving as I plan on staying until November. Actually my monthly payment is due 25th of each month, so I will look a week before to see what else is available.
  13. Luckily for me the Owner is a nice Thai lady. Otherwise I wouldn't consider helping her.
  14. Good to know. I will check thanks. I looked at the contract and there is no mention of leasor being able to show the property and/or notice periods.
  15. Ya, I've considered that thanks, which is why I reluctantly have been showing it for her. For now I'll just keep playing along. For example this morning already a realtor has been trying to call me so she can show it. I responded and said that I was out but maybe this afternoon, which when she calls again I will say that I am not home.