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  1. Do I need a METV?

    Ahhh I will look into that... thank you
  2. So I tried searching the forum and I can't really find anything about this... so maybe i'm just being paranoid? Tickets to thailand in aug/sept is paid for and its going to be a 4 week trip. I'm traveling with a buddy and we're thinking of hitting Singapore and Philippines, for about a week in the middle of the 4 weeks. That would be my 3rd trip in a year to thailand(Going in april too and was there in nov/dec as well) and it's going to be my buddies 2nd trip in a year. We have both always just gotten the 30 day visa exemption stamp on arrival. So taking into account that people have reported the "you come too many time" trouble in Suvarnabhumi with only 3 or 4 entries... If I leave thailand for a week during a 30 day visa exemption. Am I allowed re-entry on the same visa exemption? or will they hand me a new one? or will they refuse re-entry?
  3. I check inn pattaya

    I'm sorry I started this shit was only trying to make a point of what a useless post he posted. Didn't know he would keep coming back again and again
  4. I check inn pattaya

    Then why bother saying anything then? adds nothing of value to the thread. One bad point would be if he was looking to stay for a longer period and wanted a day to relax once in a while. That end of the street is so loud between 7pm and 2-3am. He didn't mention anything about it only being 5 days before that.
  5. I check inn pattaya

    Thanks for letting us know. Do you have a better 400 to 700 baht option you wish to share then?
  6. I check inn pattaya

    Personally I wouldn't stay there.... the entrance is next to Shooters coyote bar. That area has 3 bars all playing insanely loud music into the street at night, all trying to be louder than the other bar. But if you're in town only for a few days and hitting up the nightlife anyway, it could be a good cheap option I think.
  7. Quite simple if you are in pattaya looking for a room yeah thanks for the info.
  8. Did you forget a 1 in front of that price? because that is close to what I get when I look up their price in high season on agoda, and their website. If not, then can you please tell us where you got that price from?
  9. Care to explain why? are there somehow more traffic along 2nd road in those 2 months or?
  10. Do laptops fit in hotel safes?

    It is pretty easy to open a zipper on a suitcase and close it again without any evidence.
  11. Ice inn hotel

    I went in to have a look a few weeks ago. Think the first floor is all massage rooms. 2nd floor rooms are all surrounding some very empty center "courtyard". The plants you see in the pictures on their website aren't there... The room I looked at didn't have a window facing out. Just a window with the blinds down facing the courtyard. I wouldn't say it had modern feel to it. More cold than anything else... but everything looked clean. I left feeling my money was better spent paying 250 baht more for a hotel room in soi honey... but up to you
  12. There is a big empty lot right behind 247. There is a newly built road running through it. To me it looked like construction could happen there at any time.... but I have no idear what the plan is with that lot. Just saying since you said you didn't like construction.
  13. You could try The Scenery City Hotel.... I think it has a small rooftop pool, but I never used it. The rooms are very nice and clean, I slept like a baby in their bed and I think the location is ideal. Takes 5 minutes to go anywhere you would want to go for action in pattaya. 5 min walk to beach road & LK Metro. 5 min baht bus ride to soi 6. 5 min biketaxi to walking street. And the most important(to me at least), getting home from walking street is so easy with a 5 min baht bus ride down 2nd road(this was something that annoyed me when living on soi buakhao, impossible to get a bhat bus home easily without getting to the start of soi buakhao) But one downside is no 18-19 yearold guests....
  14. Review - Canterbury Tales Cafe

    Hi Dave. I'm going to Pattaya for my first visit in a month and I e-mailed you 4 days ago. Asking if some of your rooms was available from the 21st of April. I never got reply. Would it be better to drop you a PM here? or?