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  1. Can you take the training wheels off after you learn to ride properly?
  2. Brand new unopened in its original packaging, bought from Lazada online a couple of months back but never got around to replacing the old modem, and I am off home in a couple of months anyway. D-Link DSL-2750E. Here is a link to a listing on lazada showing all the specs http://www.lazada.co.th/d-link-dsl-2750e-wireless-n300-adsl2-modem-router-433321.html Happy to let it go for 650 baht which is half price. Pickup from my condo which is a couple of minutes walk from Tukcom on Pattaya Tai.
  3. Mate, you realise you linked to a 2012 price list right? That part of the site hasn't been upgraded in ages.
  4. Ok, good for you. As it happens he is a mate of mine who knows a lot about these bikes. You were comparing apples with oranges, eg a new bike with a second hand one. Hallmark made a statement that this second hand bike was a good price because shops are selling the equivalent second hand bikes for about 40k. You waded in with "I don't think so....." and the rest is history!
  5. But this bike is second hand, no? New price for the click is about the 50k mark you quoted. But what would Hallmark know, he has probably owned more of these bikes than you have had hot dinners!
  6. That mezzanine bedroom area would be stinking hot at this time of year, no? Especially with no aircon.
  7. Really? You do know I live right beside second rd at Pattaya Tai so why would I not use that as a reference? And I think most bm's would know that better as a reference point. Just because you cannot get soi names correct doesn't mean that I can't.
  8. Just the direction of travel from second rd to sukumvit (I said on the right so had to give sense of direction) and the intersection being about halfway between those two roads.
  9. Third time lucky, I think you guys are talking about Soi Khopai, runs off Pattaya Tai about half way up on the right coming from second rd towards Sukumvit.
  10. I just saw you make a genius post on another topic and it reminded me I was going to ask how the bubble tea business is going. So, how is the bubble tea business going?
  11. Or he has made his millions and is off to enjoy early retirement in Phuket?? Fuck, it has to be easier buying a business in an already established location and adding a USP, than buying something, shipping it 150km, and throwing the dice as to what location the powers tha be allocate you??? And edit, the current guy doesn't even have an English sign advertising what he sells!! He does have a small menu in English and thai, but if you are wandering around the market as an English (or god forbid, Russian) speaker, you would not know he exists. A professionally done, bold sign would add heaps to turnover.
  12. Yes, very good idea. See, it only took 3 pages of crap to get a result! Actually there is a guy who does fruit shakes, coffee, cocoa etc etc at the jomtien market already, and when we were there a week ago I saw a for sale sign on his cart. That may be a much easier start up option, as all the gear and location is done, plus customer base. Just add bubble tea to the existing product lines. Or have you already bought the bubble tea cart?
  13. What a great ad! I hope other posters take note and use this as reference when posting businesses and other items for sale. All the best for the sale! My TGF is just about to embark on beauty school, so unfortunately this business is premature for us, but I know the location, it sounds perfect.
  14. I would be interested in this also as I will be visiting china later in the year. Have been to BKK and got Chinese visa at the embassy before which was painless, but the costs and hassle of doing it from Pattaya are a PITA.