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  1. Thanks for all the informed comment and input guys. Valuable information there, that is what the forum is all about. Well Done!
  2. Wrap your cash in a black sock, it is almost impossible to see in a room safe.
  3. That is great news, it does it for me!
  4. It had a treadmill that worked, that is all I use. Sorry not generally a gym guy.
  5. Yes, it is true. I always stay there and have never had a problem.
  6. There is an exchange in Soi Buakhao almost opposite Oasis Gogo. Has a yellow facade and has rates printed on big sheets on the window. always the best rate for $Au.
  7. It will not come as a surprise to most readers of this forum that dual pricing for farang and Thai exists from the highest price tourist attractions to the humble noodle cart. This is hardly an earth shattering revelation. Thais make up a good proportion of the clientele of all businesses and if they were not given a local discount then they would not be able to afford anything. In tattoo and clothing shops and markets it is especially prevalent. The previous poster shopped around and got a better price. I always advise people that I speak with to shop around and go with an artist that they are comfortable with. Jebb.
  8. Thanks for the review mate. Pattaya Addicts Members receive a 10 percent discount as well.
  9. The PBR is a great place to stay and extremely well run. The red card is a great idea, they are looking after their guests!
  10. Best value GoGo in Pattaya IMO. Great report!
  11. Been there a few times to watch the football. Good staff and service every time.
  12. I have personally referred 2 customers to Dave in the last week because he is a straight up guy who runs a good business. Well done to the reviewer for giving a balanced review with good quality pics. This is a invaluable service to our members and I cannot understand why some have been negative. All power to the Mods and Reviewer for making this info available.
  13. As a business owner and BM, I think that this a fantastic idea and has my full support. Well done to Mods and the Reviewer for providing yet another valuable service for our members!