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  1. It's all about supply and demand. Best chance to get low rates is to go during low season. If you travel in Asia frequently then Agoda has a decent rewards system that will save you money. 5 star hotels will not discount as heavy as mid-market properties because there is less competition in the luxury market and they need to protect brand integrity.
  2. Resort style vs guestroom

    If it's your first trip then I would just stay at a hotel. Guesthouses are better for long stays and/or budget travelers. Hotels in Pattaya are cheap and offer great value. Many hotels will call your room after the lady leaves to make sure everything is alright.
  3. Resort style vs guestroom

    Areca Lodge is affordable and has everything you are looking for.
  4. August Suites rooms have put on some age and I'm not a big fan of the service. The big plus is the size of the room and the pool. I've actually found April Suites more to my liking. Although the rooms are smaller, it's like a newer and friendlier August Suites. I have not stayed at Page 10.
  5. Petals inn

    I would definitely go with Petals over Heaven. The rooms over at Heaven have degraded significantly over the past few years.
  6. Petals inn

    I stayed at Petals a couple of months ago. Room was relatively clean and decent. Great location and the room was quiet. Can confirm that the rooms are better than Heaven next door but I do feel that the Dawin is still far superior in terms of cleanliness and comfort.
  7. Stayed several years ago when it was still Tim Boutique. Very nice room with a great location. Some rooms can be noisy due to the bars below. I haven't returned because I feel the 3 star properties in Pattaya provide tremendous value for the quality they offer.
  8. Hotel Suggestions??

    Yup. Girl friendly.
  9. Hotel Suggestions??

    August Suites and April Suites are nicely situated between the 6 and WS. They also have convenient access to Soi Bukaow.
  10. Soi 6, 7 & 8 + walking st (part 1)

    Check out some of his Nana Plaza videos. They're all about doing super close facial zoom ins on guys going in and out of bars with or without ladies. These are videos that sometimes get hundreds of thousands of views. I understand that there is no longer a reasonable expectation of privacy in public but that's taking it a bit too far. I read somewhere that the Nana plaza powers that be found out who he was and made it clear that he needed to stop.
  11. PBR used to be my go to hotel. The location was great and the staff were always amazing. I was under the impression it was shutdown for a remodel.
  12. Same same. I've always been a WS gogo guy but it's time to shake things up. Too much drama and the barfine schemes are ridiculous. Like you, I'll be staying at Pattaya Blue Sky and I'm eager to explore the area and jump over to Naklua as well.
  13. too shy

    Dude. It's Pattaya. It's one of the few remaining places left in the world where men can behave badly and no one bats an eye. Enjoy it while you can because mass tourism is quickly turning every corner of the globe into a corporate disneyfied times square.
  14. Used to be PBR but that's kind of gone to shit with all of the construction.