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  1. Just back from turning in docs for extension to stay. Number I was given when I walked in was next up. Guy sorted through my paperwork and was done in less than 2 minutes. Key is coming prepared with all the proper docs and copies. Great service once again from Jomtien immigration.
  2. A few years back immigration transitioned to a system that generated a receipt for your passport that has a bar code on it. Once you have that, you're golden. No need to complete another TM47, or bring any other docs for the 90 day report. They just scan the bar code and print a new receipt. That, of course, assumes you haven't moved. If you move you need to fill out a new TM47 w/supporting docs.
  3. Thanks for the info. Think I'll be best served to make the trip out to the Transport office and ask. I'll report back on what they say in a thread suited to driver license matters.
  4. Jomtien immigration is well organized, and the service has always been quick and easy for me too. I'm going to put them to the test on Thursday though. I go to the Embassy tomorrow to pick up my new passport. I'll then have them transfer stamps from old to new, process my extension to stay that expires on 16 Nov, get a multi-reentry permit, and finally a 90 report. I'll also help my landlady out by bringing all the paperwork for the previously filed TM-30 in case my new passport triggers an update to the TM-30. The trip I'm not looking forward to is out to the Dept of Transport office to renew my five year license and update with my new passport. That's always been at least a couple of hours of waiting around, plus the time to get out there. Question for those that have gone through the renewal process for a five year license before, do you go before or after the expiration date of the license?
  5. On-line 90 day reporting

    Had the same experience a couple of days ago. Most places when the system isn't working will take the site offline and post a notice, but TIT.
  6. She might have been confused about the O-A visa and whether it qualified you to open a bank account. When I first moved here I tried to open an account at Krung Thai Bank. At one point I had three bank employees gathered around all telling me an O-A wasn't a retirement visa so I couldn't open an account. One then pulled out a book of photo copies of passports of others who successfully opened an account. All of them had an extension to stay which has the word "Retirement" stamped on the page. Keep in mind I was new Thailand, so I was just amazed that these college educated professionals could not be arsed to learn their country's visa categories and only by seeing the word "Retirement" would it trigger acceptance of a new account application.
  7. The clock starts ticking on the 90 day report requirement when you enter Thailand. The Visa, or extension to stay expiration date is separate from the 90 day report date.
  8. Once your retirement visa is up, you need to apply annually for a 12 month extension to stay based on retirement. That is the authorization to stay. The 90 day report, which is what you stated you are having problems with is probably getting rejected because of the missing TM30 others have posted about. Another option you may want to try is the online 90 day report. If the TM30 check is a manual process, the online option may accept your application. BTW, the online 90 report has been down most of the year, but you're in luck as it appears to be working again.
  9. Internet

    A year or two ago I lucked on to an AIS promo of 99B/week for 2GB/week. Not sure if it's still available, but for those interested the package name is "Net SIM 4G 99B/Wk MF[1st1.06B/min Next1.71st/s]"
  10. Internet

    4G connection speeds are fast and reliable here. Assuming you have a smartphone with a data plan I would think that should work. Does for me as I use my phone as a tethered hotspot to get work done on the rare occasion my home Internet goes down.
  11. On-line 90 day reporting

    And now not working again. Shame as it would save me trip down to immigration.
  12. How long will an unopened package stay fresh?
  13. Re-entry permit

    You can get a re-entry permit at the airport, so that can be your plan B if getting one at another office other than Pattaya fails.
  14. 90 day report online

    At least with the outreach program there's no risk of having to stand under the baking sun or getting soaked by a rain storm just to get a number to see someone to file your 90 day report. Good to hear online reporting is working again. Happy to jump through that bureaucratic hoop from the comfort of my office chair.
  15. Can't speak to what's currently happening with regards to applications for the Retirement Visa, but for the extension to stay based on retirement I've never been asked for proof beyond the income affidavit in the eight years I've lived here, nor have I heard reports of any other US citizen being asked for additional proof. Of course it's always possible that can change in the future.