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  1. Can't speak to what's currently happening with regards to applications for the Retirement Visa, but for the extension to stay based on retirement I've never been asked for proof beyond the income affidavit in the eight years I've lived here, nor have I heard reports of any other US citizen being asked for additional proof. Of course it's always possible that can change in the future.
  2. I expect your $100 test transfer will go through. The only time I've heard of issues with names not matching exactly is when the transfer is coming from a trust fund or Soc Security payment.
  3. Clicking on the Unlock User ID link would have also told you what it was about. See "Remarks" at the bottom of the page.
  4. As G Baht posted, the Embassy still accepts cash. If you do use Outreach, make sure you get a bank draft and not a cashiers check. Not sure of why that should make a difference, but heard reports that people were being sent back to the bank if they showed up with a cashiers check.
  5. A pretty steep barrier to entry for Chase Private Client status. To become a Chase Private Client, you must have a total of $250,000 or more in any combination of qualifying linked deposits and investments. I find using ACH transfers to the New York branch of Bangkok Bank the least expensive way to move money to Thailand.
  6. If done in the 15 - 7 day window before the report date, online reporting is an option saving a trip to the immigration office.
  7. And the report date is 90 days from your last date of entry into Thailand.
  8. Can't remember which forum I saw someone post they were able to do the retirement extension several months early due to travel dates that had them outside Thailand when the extension was set to expire. They had to provide additional documentation as proof of need, but it was doable according to the poster. Best advice, go to immigration and ask them.
  9. They move the 800K into your account for the few minutes it takes the bank to draw up the bank letter certifying the account balance. That letter is also back dated 3 months. As you said, more than one involved in giving the process a wink, while the 20K+ fee paid gets spread around to all involved.
  10. If you're a US citizen, you can get an income affidavit from the US Embassy instead of showing a bank account w/800K.
  11. The gif is displaying "LOL" in lowercase, not "101", thus my reply began with LOL.
  12. LOL or the binary equivalent of 5, 5, 5, which in Thai sounds like ha, ha, ha.
  13. The window for reporting online is within 15 days, but not less than 7 days before the report date. Based on your re-enter date of 18 May, your due date would have been 16 August, so to use online reporting it would have to have been done between the 1st and 9th of August. Were you trying outside that range?
  14. I live the next Soi over and have walked many times to Soi Buakhao in less than 15 minutes.
  15. Reminder if you have Thai bank accounts to take both the old and new passports into their office so they can record the new passport info. Friend was telling me the other week he neglected to do this and was denied access to his funds until he brought in the old passport, which he no longer had. His solution, used the ATM to drain the account and opened a new account, at a different bank. TIT.